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The Wyegate Trial History

What could be more difficult than riding a Wyegate?  The Wyegate Backwards with NO ENGINE!...

Some History of the event

The event has been going since 1983 and even then it was only a recreation of early events held around the area. Inspired by tales from older riders, there has been a long history of motorcycling around the unclassified county roads either side of the lower Wye valley and out into Usk Vale. Thanks to help from Characters like the late Jack Clarke from The Cwm (Near the Argoed Road section. And, incidentally, was Welsh '3' Day winner in 1963, 65 and 66.), who was still riding Sidecar Trials in the late seventies and John Cadogan plus others like Barbara & Jim Cullimore who helped, not only with organisational information and legal requirements, but they also observed for many years. We located some of the regular lanes used 30 years prior to the inaugural event and they were difficult enough to still be sections now, even for modern bikes. A route was mapped out joining the lanes together for a good days ride. The rest, as they say, is history.

Original Petrol StationThe event has changed over the years from 70 miles of dead easy sections that any pre-65 bike would be capable of passing through, to one where you may do 90 miles and spend all day in the saddle, plus loose many marks unless you have a specialised bike with ability to match. Nevertheless, many riders can bring along totally unsuitable machines and still get around enjoying the experience despite the marks dropped by the end of the day.

We don't need to tell riders how good it is as entries fill up within the first few weeks of them being released so you need to be on the ball!

The Wyegate is not just a trial, it is: a pleasant ride with like minded knowing riders. A planning exercise involving map/route card reading, mental preparation and bike preparation. A trial of riding skill. A trial of determination and concentration over a long day, A chance to show what an ambassador for our sport you are. An opportunity to show you can read and understand regulations! A chance to test that new road book holder.

Past Winners

HELP! - Do you have results or a programme from any of the events that are missing from the list? Please take a digital photo and send or let us scan them. admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

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For a report/more info on each year, Click on the year in the left hand column.

Year CofC Wyegate Cup John Price Cup
2018 TBC Rod Jones ? ?
2017 TBC Ian Wixon Chris Koch Jason Bendall
2016 Ian Wixon Chris Koch Ben Falconer
2015 Huw Watkins Chris Koch ?
2014 Huw Watkins Henry Bendall Ian Wixon (I think)
2013 Huw Watkins Joe Bendall Ben (I think)
2012 Matt Neale Rob Breakwell Ben Falconer
2011 Rod Jones Gavin Moore Ben Falconer
2010 Ian Vessey Gavin Moore Ben Falconer
2009 Matt Neale Gavin Moore Ben Falconer
Matt Neale Henry Bendall Ben Falconer
2007 Rod Jones Yoshi Adams Goff Hannam
2006 Matt Neale Gordon Brown Neil Hannam
2005 Matt Neale Julian Page Ben Falconer
2004 Matt Neale Steve Grindle Neil Hannam
2003 Matt Neale David Eeles Frank Luther
2002 Matt Neale Chris Berry Neil Hannam
2001 --- Foot & Mouth Foot & Mouth
2000 ? Chris Berry Paul James
1999 ? Steve Venn Bryan Grindle
Year CofC Wyegate Cup John Price Cup Sidecar Cup
1998 ? Jon Bliss Stan Howitt/Lucy Davis (S/C) ?
1997 Paul James Nibbs Adams Steve Grindle John/Julian Uphill
1996 John Lewis Maurice Arden Tony Falconer Doug/Sue Sherbourne
1995 Richard Cooper Lee Burton John/Julian Uphill
1994 Stan Howitt Nibbs Adams Adrian Moss/Mike Wathen
1993 Stan Howitt Nibbs Adams John Young/Lee Witcombe
1992 Stan Howitt Mark Kemp Adrian Moss/Mike Wathen
1991 Stan Howitt Chris Page Adrian Moss/Mike Wathen
1990 Stan Howitt Carl Bancroft Gerald Dyer/Alan Male
1989 Malcolm Harvey Tony Davis Adrian Moss/Mike Wathen
1988 Malcolm Harvey Chris Scott John Young/Nick Jones
1987 Colin Jones Tie: Chris Scott/Dave Holley Trevor Miles/Ian Hannam
1986 Colin Jones Adrian Moss Trevor Miles/Rick Ferrier
1985 Colin Jones Allan Whittington Roger Tuck/Bill Bennett
1983 Colin Jones Jim Delahay Julian Bishop/Ben Bishop