West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 71 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2024

About the West Glos. & Dean Forest Motor Cycle Club

WG & DF MCC (often just referred to as West Glos) is a UK Motorcycle club based in the West country of England between the Welsh border and the river Severn, (reality is we overlap with Wales as many of our members and venues are Welsh). We've been around for 71 years in various forms and sizes. A very good potted history was presented at the 50th Anniversary party which you can read... and see some classic photos of our members in action.

We are affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union in the ACU Western area and currently organise Observed Trials, Long Distance Trials and social events such as Treasure Hunts and Trail Riding. Our members also regularly compete in Enduros. Some of our more long standing events are; The Wyegate Long Distance Trial (41yrs).  The Boxing Day Trial (Pre-Iceage I think!)

There is a wealth of knowledge in the club as members have ridden in all disciplines including Manx road races, Sidecar road racing, (in fact sidecar everything!), Grass track, Trials, Touring, Motocross and some of the new style Rally events.

Club nights are well attended with members organising logistics for their next events and planning trail rides, plus feeding back on what happened at previous events.

New members are welcome to just turn up. How to join.