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Wyegate Trial 2018


Update 22Jun: Final Results are now available on the right. These are exactly the same as Version 2 but with added awards text.

Well that’s another Wyegate over and already we’re planning next year's and would welcome feedback from riders. In 2016 & 2017 Ian Wixon was Clerk of Course and used a lot of private land for the trial, this year was Rod Jones' turn and he chose the traditional Wyegate of public byways, which do you prefer? Did you notice? Do you care? Or should we do both and make it a two day event? Let us know your thoughts. The Wyegate Team (Feedback from this to come!)

Although the next round is a long way off it could be worth getting your entry in now.

Rd 2 - Neath MC's Fred Rist on 12th August 2018 Entries Open NOW!, OnLine Entry

Rd 3 - Chelt HG's Sphinx on 23rd September 2018

Rd 4 - West of England MC's Vic Ashford (Moor 2 Sea) on 14th October 2018 Entries Open NOW!, OnLine Entry


Ben Falconer's Press Report

After a postponement due to heavy snow a month ago, the first round of the ACU Trailbike trials championship got underway in the lower Wye Valley and the better weather made for a tight finish at the top of the 35th annual Wyegate trial.

Just half a second separated winner Jason Bendall from Simon Welch over the tie-breaking special test, after both finished on no marks lost on observation, along with Andy Foot and Martin Gilbert.

All four recorded a perfect score on clerk of the course Rod Jones's 80 mile, eight hour-plus tour of traditional green lanes, so it was down to a dash across a field near the lane the trial gets its name from to act as a tie breaker.

Jason held his nerve, and the throttle wide open, to record a much-sought after first Wyegate win.

After a loosener at Mork Hill, Gurllus Grove's narrow gully made for a tricky test, then the 120 or so riders encountered the first tough challenge of the day at Limekiln Woods. A long rocky gully was followed by the feared slab steps, then tricky ruts to finish.

Gurllus took a mark apiece off pre-65 winner Steve Allen and second placed Matthew Welch – while Allen is a seasoned campaigner on his Royal Enfield Bullet 350, the smaller Crusader 250 model machine was new territory for Matthew who was enjoying his first outing on his dad Tom's pride and joy.

To finish just ahead of former trial winner Steve Grindle and fellow-mounted BSA B40 runner Sam King was no mean feat for him and the bike.

With 32 sections attempted just once a year, the Wyegate throws up all manner of surprises, and with the weather making for generally drier sections, one slip of concentration was all that was needed to slide down the leader board.

Devauden 1's tricky ruts took another former event winner Henry Bendall for a three mark loss, and cost top ten runner Kevin Stannard a mark and Matthew Welch two. Henry overcame that and a five on Limekiln 1 to clean right until the penultimate section of the trial in Forge Wood.

Similarly a five on Nannies Lane 2 put Mike Hughes out of a top spot chance while Joe Bendall and Dave Cottle held their concentration better to dab just three times throughout the event.

Surely a candidate for ride of the day was Tom Pike, aboard a Kawasaki KDX 220, a bike far less suited to the sections than many others. To lose just eight marks was a very creditable score.

Standard route winner Nick Worgan had a good ride on his KTM Freeride 250 two stroke to pip Steve Grinter aboard his Honda XL185 by a mark.

The result means Simon Welch, riding long time Wyegate campaigner Tony Falconer's Pampera for the first time, leads the championship for eligible machines with Cotswold-turned Derbyshire star Foot second and Devon ace Gilbert in third before the next round on August 12, run by Neath MCC.



More to come...

A couple of items found by our marshals: A Waterproof 'Boil-in-the-bag' Top and Tool bag. Contact admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk .

  Many will be surprised by Jason winning the Wyegate Cup on a non-trailbike but the regs did not preclude that class. The regs clearly did preclude them from winning the championship class. The event has always allowed Pre-65's and Trail Bikes to compete equally and both classes suited the sections our old roads and terrain dished up. Even back in the 80's the 'then' modern trials bikes that happened to be road registered would have found the sections too easy. We used to have a 'Specials' class long ago to allow other bikes to ride and fill the entry when we didn't always fill up super fast. The specials entries were predominantly taken up by those who wanted to ride but either weren't capable, fit or just not young enough any more. We sort of lost sight of how lax our regs were. We'll see what happens next year. If I've got anything to do with it, and I haven't - I only do results, then I'd say you won't get your hands on the Cup with a non-ACU spec Trail Bike so don't go buying one on-spec. And lets hope the ACU Trials Committee keep to the sensible spec it appears to be now. (And before you all go off on a rant, I'd advocate some historical clauses be added to ensure the diminutive trailees of old like the DT175's retain eligibility despite their non-compliant wheelbases. The alternative would be some very complex proportionality rules involving wheelbase and steering angles and seat heights etc. The Pre-65 world know all about the hassle that brings!)

  Lets face it. Everyone has their opinion about what defines a Trail Bike so, just for your own satisfaction, take a look through the results over the years and re-allocate the Wyegate Cup to what bikes you think should have been eligible. I have, and my list includes Suzuki SP370s, XL185s, DT175s and lately A KDX220. But, start being too picky about what you would allow in and you don't have an entry. Luckily, we have an entry that just enjoys riding regardless of winning awards and hopefully the need to beat your friend/husband/brother/dad won't get in the way of the enjoyment element.

We had a very pleasant thank you from one of our residents who runs a stud farm along the route, to thank our bike riders for the considerate way they drove past their place and through the village last Sunday. So keep up the good work you riders. It was a pleasure to see so many people out there, like us, enjoying the countryside in almost ideal weather conditions, (Did you get wet in that 10 O'clock shower?) with a lot of horse riders out and about and so many cyclists there could have been a Sportive going on. What a difference a month makes with our weather.

The Team award goes to a northern contingent Team 6t9, who were Stephen KENNY, Kevin STANNARD and Andy FOOT, dropping just 13. Next were local West Glos members 'Once Weres', who were Mike HUGHES and Joe and Henry BENDALL, loosing 19.

On a sobering note, We lost 2 friends of the Wyegate over the last month. Jim Cullimore from Bristol who organised LDT's that a number of our members thoroughly enjoyed riding back in the 70's and 80's. When we said we would like to run one too. Both Jim and Barbara gave us guidance and support in how to put on such a big event. Both Jim And Barbara are sadly missed. We also lost Bill Kershaw, a gentleman and hero to many of us. He helped us locate and re-use some classic sections from the 50's thanks to his personal knowledge of many of the Usk Vale sections and lanes. Bill spent many years working with WTRA as Chair and with rights of way issues. He had ridden the ISDT back in the 60's for the Welsh team. One fond memory I have was of Bill pulling wine, glasses and a spread of cheeses from his rucksack when we were running an Enduro special test together and that was after riding half a lap at Bill's usual fast and efficient pace, no breakages. Bill often featured in the top end of the Wyegate results and won the over 45's award when he was 60. An honour to have known and ridden with him.

  Sadly, we learned that just before the Trial that we also lost a great friend in Dougie Clarke who was the hero of the Wyegate's early Sidecar years after competing with his one working arm controlling clutch throttle and brake on his modified Honda 'Sleepy wing' sidecar in 1983 and 85, with Martin Gerrish keeping the chair down. Many of us will have met Dougie as he scrutineered our bikes in Enduro events for decades.

Did you notice that we bunched all the Championship contenders together at the front of the entry so that there wasn't too much 'changing conditions' effect. Not sure it worked well enough though, as I was 3rd rider through most sections and seemed to be settling loads of rocks down beneath me. (Yea yea, I know. It was just me.) Of course there were a number of you who thought it worth risking the wrath of the course closer's just to wait for the rocks to settle. Hint - Simon Welch was up the sharp end and cleaned everything nicely! If everyone takes too long to walk the sections and we carry on finishing that late then the only option is to have less sections. Do you want that? Me, I'd rather have less miles and more sections. Pembroke was too far west for those 2 sections in my opinion.

The club has really pushed the ACU online entry system that is available for Licence holders (which you all have to have.) It has made the work-load less for us by being able to split Entry Sec work from Secretary and Results team, which proved itself this time as poor Rich had to cope with all the hassle of rescheduling and refunds etc. and with reinstating entries who could ride on the new date. Not to mention the way it could also cope with the reserve entry system - which we had to use with the increased demand for this event. Rich thinks that was hard work - he should have tried how it was done when we started the Wyegate 35 years ago - 'Computers! we didn't even have electric typewriters!' It is inevitable that we will need to cater for a very few manual entries but that can be at club meetings or via our supporting local dealer/rider/grafter/treasurer's Cinderford bike shop Haines & Co.

I think, this is the first year the rules have allowed a trials based trail bike to take the cup. Jase Bendall has enjoyed riding his do-it-all 4RT with full lights package in many different events - doing what trailbikes were arguably created for, just his is shorter and more modern than old school trailbikes (Now I've started some talk!)


Riders Say

Max Hawkins says: Here's my thoughts! One of the beauties of the Wyegate is it's an ever changing event. Too many clubs have only one or two people who lay out so the ground is often used in the same way. Because West Glos change personnel you get a different sort of trial from one year to the next, which keeps it fresh. I don't like the long loop down to Usk but others love it so there's no argument there! ... I fancy you are lucky as a club to have different people who will take up the mantle , long may it continue as it's an excellent event every time I turn up and I reckon for about 99%. of everybody else.

Bruce Bendall says: Just wanted to say thank you to all for yet another brilliant Wyegate and congratulations to Jase , you finally did it bro! No breakdowns and only minor injuries so all in all a fantastic day, ... Once again we’ll done and thank you all. See you next year.

Martin & Nick Worgan say: We thoroughly enjoyed Sunday, maybe it was the weather or scenery, but the road mileage didn't feel too bad. It was nice to have a lot of straightforward 'up the lane' type sections, the roadbook was spot-on and it was a very tasty pie at the Orepool!

Ian Worrall: ... had a great day all the same and well done to all you guys for staging the event

Rich Beale says: Fantastic event on Sunday! great sections and a super route around The Valley. Big thanks to organisers and especially the observers who had to be patient with us!

Ian Williams says: Cracking event, it was my first LDT and hooked. I have been riding enduro for years and didn't’t really know what a LDT was, what great fun, a good day out. It was a good route and had a bit for everyone, ups and downs with a few nice rest breaks ... well planned.

Ian Thompson says: Thanks to all at WGDFMCC for another superb Wyegate, with the return of some interesting classic sections and, I think, one or two newcomers. The hard-working observers deserve a special mention with many running two sections and even recovering lost kit from the course - cheers Brendon for finding and returning my goggles.

The Welches say: ... enjoyed the Wyegate, please pass our thanks to all the club workers, it must be quite an undertaking.

Roger Brain says: We were running so late, wet nursing Kev Miller with rear puncture issues and my rear off the rim. That got us in a flap I think, which probably caused the brain fade and map reading error. Shame, as it was one of my better rides. Just got to keep trying. Ha Ha! Cracking event though and credit to all involved with Club. (Roger lost 1 all day but missed those 2 easy downhill sections at Tregagle to add 20 to his otherwise class winning miserly total. ed.)

Jez Bray & Mick Thurman say: We finished early due to bike troubles and running out of time, thanks again for providing a great event, hope it all went well hope to see you next year.
Cheers team calamity.



If any riders would like shots emailed to them then please ask (Jackie took loads more than shown). admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk All pics copyright and credited to Jackie Jones.

The current points leader for the ACU Trail Bike Trials Champions Simon Welch. Riding it like he stole it. 'You won't get far though as the Owner is watching in the background - Steward Tony Falconer.

Garrant Jones

Ian Williams

Kev Miller

Neil Saunders

Stephen Kenny

Dave Vincent

Matt Welch

Bruce Bendall

Grace Hagan

Lionel Cox

Christian Pearson (The only rider to go home with cleaner bike than when he started!)

2012 Wyegate winner - No, not Colin, The bike, with Rob Breakwell on board.

Pete Hughes

Jarrod Fisher

Ian Thompson

Alf Bendall

Stuart Thatcher

Steve Wallwin

John Roberts

John Brennan

John Adams

Andy Foot

Paul Rogers

Andrea Cottle

Steve Grindle

Andy Leahy

Sam King





Here are a few clips from the event filmed by Viv Jones who was disappointed not to be riding too. To view in HD you need to click the HD or Vimeo link to open on their site.


Team results

Orange means rider on Championship route. All 3 riders needed to finish to score points. To claim a physical award then all 3 riders needed to be on the Championship route.

Glos & Cots
7 Simon WELCH0
8 Matthew WELCH5
Team 6t9
19 Stephen KENNY9
20 Kevin STANNARD4
21 Andy FOOT0
RAW Posse
3 Sam KING8
4 Steve GRINDLE6
Once Weres
44 Henry BENDALL9
50 Mike HUGHES7
Cornish Pirates
92 Andrew KEARNS15
93 Graham AIREY9
94 Neil OCONNOR11
Westcountry Boys
87 Steve GRINTER7
89 Michael WHITEHOUSE34
CHG Volunteers
13 Steve VENN26
14 Sam WILSON22
Wye Bother
47 Bruce BENDALL36
48 Garrant JONES37
49 Jason BENDALL0
Too Old
25 Kevin MILLER22
27 Roger BRAIN21
71 Steve PEAK32
Wilfred Anchor Brothers
100 Max HAWKINS23
101 Glyn SMITH16
61 Harvey BENNION39
Old Boys & Girl
73 Lionel COX33
74 Grace HAGAN49
Team No
110 James HIGGS63
111 Damien BOTTLE20
66 Colin BEASLEY66
68 Vince AUSTIN61
97 Steve MASTERS33
98 Neil JARVIS56
99 Peter COLLINS45
West Glos B Team
37 Jarrod FISHER36
5 Steve WALLWIN41
81 John BRENNAN76
The Piston Broke
77 Stuart BROWN132
78 David HODGETTS126
79 Paul STEPHENS112
Old Boys
40 Martin HORNAKN/S
Lloyd's Louts
35 Robert PIKE18
36 Andy LLOYDN/S
West Glos C Team
10 Merv MORGAN60
11 Colin JONES52
12 Vivian JONESN/S
Sons of Calamity
Pike's Plonkers
31 Dave COTTLE3
32 Tom PIKE8
34 Andrew LEAHYDNF
Offa's Heads
17 Mark WELLS31
18 Christian PEARSON14


Section Statistics

SectionScore IncidenceTot
No.0123510MarksSec. NameAvg
Champ' Rte
22514433046Gurllus Grove0.94
31745128090Limekiln 11.96
4274483051Limekiln 21.11
5306550031Limekiln 30.67
60000000Buckle Wood Cancelled -
7286642040Devauden 10.87
846000000Devauden 20
9314830029Argoed Road0.63
10246492051Llandegveth 11.13
11345312024Llandegveth 20.53
14375021016Craig-y-master 10.36
1544100001Craig-y-master 20.02
1645000000Golden Hill0
17373401016Nannies 10.36
1815113106077Nannies 21.71
201915353051Pant-glas 11.13
21366111016Pant-glas 20.36
22325242031Devil's Staircase0.69
24420000330Tregagle 10
25392001337Tregagle 20.17
260000000Special Test -
2842210004Forge Wood 10.09
29394020010Forge Wood 20.22
30372221127Forge Wood 30.39
31375011123Forge Wood 40.3
323210101127Forge Wood 50.39
Rte Tot:100913969865298850.59
Std Rte
2189422120143Gurllus Grove2.2
30000000Limekiln 1 -
4184310264210Limekiln 22.79
521882071129Limekiln 31.86
60000000Buckle Wood Cancelled -
73112985079Devauden 11.22
865000000Devauden 20
93012585181Argoed Road1.18
10177520120137Llandegveth 12.25
11221371180100Llandegveth 21.64
1427761010099Craig-y-master 11.65
15560111120Craig-y-master 20.17
1657210004Golden Hill0.07
172483214097Nannies 11.62
1865318271210Nannies 23.39
2084526161182Pant-glas 12.92
212886124296Pant-glas 21.31
2217723320120Devil's Staircase1.97
24524110119Tregagle 10.16
25503212130Tregagle 20.34
260000000Special Test -
2827802175149Forge Wood 11.83
293241895125Forge Wood 21.39
302287976144Forge Wood 31.58
3122458155163Forge Wood 42.09
3221155774121Forge Wood 51.47
Rte Tot:9111881022892265028891.39


Bike Stats

Bike manufacturer quantities.

Gas Gas30
Royal Enfield2


Club Stats

What the heck, we might as well have Club stats here too.

West Glos & Dean Forest MCC24
Eastbourne & District MCC7
Mendip Vale MC & LCC6
Cheltenham Home Guard MCC6
Gloucester & Cotswold5
Hillingdon & Uxbridge MCC4
Trail Riders Fellowship4
Kingswood MCC4
Milton Buzzard MCC4
Devonport & District MCC3
Macclesfield Trials Club3
North Somerset Motorsports Club3
Swindon + District MCC3
Dyfed Dirt Bike Club2
South Shropshire MCC2
Loughborough & DMCC2
West of England Motor Club2
Witley MCC2
Normandy MCC2
Rally Moto Ltd2
Berkhamsted MCC2
Taunton MCC2
Yorkshire Classic MCC1
Camel Vale Motorcycle Club1
Hookwood Trials Club1
British Sporting Sidecar Association1
Bridport & Weymouth MCC1
Double Five Kent MCC1
Bewdley MCC1
Dudley & District MCC1
Dursley MC & LCC1
Earl Shilton Trials Club1
Exmoor Motor Club1
GEST Trials Club1
Manchester 17 MCC1
Waltham Chase Trials MCC1
The Motor Cycling Club1
Leamington Victory MC & LCC1
Bath & West of England MC1
Zona 11
Stroud Valley AC1
Oxford Ixion MCC1
Pathfinders & Derby MC1
Pendennis MC & LCC1
Reigate & Redhill North Downs MCC1
West Cornwall MC1