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Wyegate Trial 2021 (Cancelled)

Round ? of the ACU Trail Bike Championship 25th Apr 2021

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Ok, so you spotted the Cancelled bit above but here is the BUT... (Think 2022!)

We have decided that the lockdown rules are going to stop us from running the Wyegate this year, so it is now cancelled. Clerk of the Course Ian Wixon has contacted the ACU and confirmed they would not be issuing a permit. There is a ton of work that needed to be completed months in advance and the decision had to be made. Roll-on a brighter 2022!

(Note that we may be able to run smaller events this year so watch the main page for the latest.)


The ACU Trail Bike Championship

If the ACU are able to sanction a championship then we will apply to run a round, but that is only going to happen if we can actually run the event.