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Wyegate Trial 2017

Final Results are now up. They remain as v3 but have Awards now added.

This was the 1st round of the ACU's Trail Bike Championship.

Clerk of Course Says

So there it was, another Wyegate over and from the riders I talked to and the comments received, all seemed to go well. OK so the first few sections at Pingry were a bit tougher than usual, blame Glenn for putting an enduro through our sections a short while before the Wyegate. Having ridden many Long Distance Trials where the day starts with five miles of road work in the cold and rain before the first section, giving everyone frozen fingers, I like to get you all into sections as soon as possible to warm you all up. But: it wasn’t cold or wet, so there was some overheating, of riders and bikes (personally I don’t see this liquid cooled fad catching on). We hope to again be a round of the ACU Trail Bike Championship next year and having the additional "hard" route does give us room to make sections for all abilities and, looking at the results, we have to cater for very Expert to very Novice. Some of the sections I thought would be easy turned out to be hard and some of what I thought would be hard were easy – so what do I know? I didn’t expect anyone to get up the first Hill Climb which is why I made it a Hill Climb not a section, and nearly everyone got to the top no trouble. I did say there would be a prize for the best "Flip" caught on camera: And the winner is....

Michael Mant, and the prize is a FREE ENTRY to next year's Wyegate (non-transferable, no cash alternative.) Well done Michael.

Roy and Rob Breakwell complained that last year's special test was too short: so, ok, it’s your land, you mark it out. Which is what Rob did. Only to make it fair we ran it in the reverse direction to what he intended. Didn't slow him down though. Some of you had trouble with the Road Book (got lost) so we will look at a different format for next year. We are also looking to bring Limekiln back into the course, after many requests. This may mean running the course in the opposite direction and Colin says he looks forward to seeing you all going DOWN Pant-Glas steps!

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Wyegate, let us know. See you all at the Fred Rist. Ian Wixon

Ben Falconer's Press Report

Chris Koch made a near-perfect start to attempting to regain the ACU Trailbike Trials Championship with a third win in a row of the event which was the first round of the championship, set in the Wye Valley.

The 2015 champion lost just four marks over 33 observed sections set out by clerk of the course Ian Wixon in the West Glos and Dean Forest MCC event.

It has been running since 1983 and is one of the oldest long distance trials of its type in existence but it was the first time it has been a round of the championship.

Reigning champion Paul Sargant was down in eighth championship points scoring place thanks largely to a five mark maximum at Village Farm 3 where observer and past Wyegate winner David Eeles presided over a steep camber which required a committed effort.

Only a handful of marks covered the front runners and the varied nature of the events in the championship mean there is still much to play for.

Second placed Joe Bendall, a former winner of the event, lost all of his seven marks on different sections to Koch. And Mike Hughes in third dropped three at Penallt 1, where Joe dropped two and fourth placed Henry Bendall had a five.

Observer Darren Thomas saw only three cleans on this section which demanded a tight turn straight after a bike-length bowl. Koch hopped it round while on the move, the ever-precise Martin Gilbert guided his bike through on the line and so too Dave Cottle.

Event first timer Kevin Miller thoroughly enjoyed his day out on the 80 mile course which took most riders eight hours to cover. The top end of the field was dominated by the new Sherco X Rides and ageing Gas Gas Pamperas which were last made more than 10 years ago.

There were 13 retirements and seven non starters of the 108 entrants, and new ACU chairman John Collins was one of the many who finished the event.

The first group of sections was observed by members of the ACU Western Youth Development Squad and the club wishes to thank all observers and landowners for their support – many observers officiated twice during the event.

Next round: Neath MC Fred Rist Trial, August 13.

Riders Say

Chris Koch says: I'm so chuffed to have won it for the third time on the bounce, what a great day out, road book was perfect, sections to suit everybody, fantastic special test and two graded hills for good measure.....I'll be back next year.....also glad you made it a championship round....

Graham Airey says: Thanks for a great event, first time we have done this, travelled up from deepest Cornwall and pleased to say didn’t disgrace ourselves in the results (annoyed at stalling on the rocky climb – doh). Enjoyed the event, challenging sections, great lanes in between, fantastically run (33 sections with time to view proved how efficient it was).

John presland says: Cracking event once again...thanks to all involved.

Kevin Greening says: Many thanks for a great day out.

Richard Beale says: Great event! Many thanks.

Peter Collins says: Many thanks and a great event again, my thanks to the organisers and helpers. We had a 400 mile round trip from East Sussex to take part and God willing will be back next year.

Josh and Richard Cook say: Cheers for a fantastic days riding yesterday, one of the best I have had for a long time. Some brilliant riding on all different types of terrain and sections marked out really well, challenging enough but with a few easier sections for us mere mortals to clean! Was gutted to have my clutch cable snap 10 sections from the finish forcing me and my Dad to retire. We will be back next year for sure.

Ian Thompson Says: Thanks to the team for yet another memorable Wyegate. It’s been 10 years since my first one - it doesn’t get any easier but it does seem to get more enjoyable. Roll on the next one. By the way the Greeves was fine for the trial - whilst it’s always going to be a trail bike trial, it’s just as good on a pre65.

Mike Hughes says: Brilliant Wyegate trial yesterday! We have had a very long but enjoyable day!



I've just had a look through the video footage we have. We didn't get to many places to film because you lot didn't bring enough observers and we had to fill in. In fact far too many of our superstars of the event (I mean the observers not you riders!) ended up doing 2 sections and even some other jobs. While I'm thinking about it, it was great to see our regular local one-day trials riders all out doing their bit for the sport. OK, rant over. We (Jackie and Colin) only stayed for a short while at the Special test but ended up filming Chris Koch. Always worth hanging around for. I've put a title on his clip and I think you'll agree, 'Efficient'. Now available!. The only other person anywhere near Chris was a genuine superstar, as he put effort in before riding the event by constructing the test (And by the lack of tyre marks when we opened up, definitely not practicing it.) That was Robbie Breakwell who was just 0.16 seconds slower. Both Robbie and Chris have been known to win Enduros, so not too much of a surprise there.

The first group of sections (yes, you're not going to forget them in a hurry!) were manned by the ACU Western's Youth Development Squad. These young riders are not only getting trained in how to ride but how to observe and organise events. We are stuck with the rules so the electric bike riders weren't old enough to take the scores, I think the youngest actual observer was 15. The West Glos club give as much support as we can to this endeavour. We have extremely cheap youth membership and help provide venues for the Training sessions they run. We also run the Trial at the end of the summer school training camp. (Adults are also able to book at this event in limited numbers. I did it last year and over 60's can learn! It's just not showing in my results ... yet.) Our club's Ben Bishop, who coaches with the YDS, had a great grounding, he can claim to be the first sidecar passenger winner back in 1983. After observing the squad got on with some more serious training with Simon, James and Matt Welch and Ben on, what I'm betting were, probably harder sections than we rode.

It was a shame that the RAW-Sports team had to drop out leaving just Ian Thompson to grab the Pre65 win with no opposition. 34 year's ago a similar Greeves won the Trial in the capable hands of Jim Delahay. This year a pre 65 was still eligible to win the Wyegate Cup if they were riding the Championship route!

The Wyegate Cup has normally been won by a Trail Bike entry but can still go to a Pre-65. It has only been won by 4 other Pre-65 bikes over the years; Jim Delahay 1983, Adrian Moss 1986, Tony Davis 1989 and Steve Grindle in 2004.

The previous mutterings about the Wyegate becoming a round of the ACU Trail Bike Championship obviously came true. For ages, various reasons prevented us moving up, such as having section inspections cause queues. For it to happen we had to persuade one of our Clerk of the Courses to upgrade to a National licence and the Trials and Enduro Committee to agree plus all the West Glos grafters to want it. If you want to ride this trial in the future then please do your bit and persuade a friend to help out with observing. Or, we could all pull out our pipe and slippers and settle into a nice comfy chair... The championship is 4 rounds this year and was 3 last year. Will the Wyegate help or hinder it?

This year's Championship rounds:
March 12- West Glos & Dean Forest Wyegate Trial
Aug 13 - Neath MC Fred Rist Trial
Sept 24 - Cheltenham HG MCC Sphinx Trial
Oct 8 - West of Eng Vic Ashford Trial



To view in HD you may need to click the HD or Vimeo link to open on the Vimeo hosting site.

The Wyegate Trial 12th March 2017 from Colin Jones on Vimeo.




If any riders/parents would like shots emailed to them then please ask (Jackie/Colin took loads more than shown). admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

Ben clearly misunderstood when I said 'Smoke em'.

Richard Beale fights to get the spindle through before planting that dab

Neath's Peter Joseph

John Collins doesn't sit in a chair all the time.

Adrian Cairns bosses the bigger Freeride around

Geoff Walker kept it together for most of the day ending on 30

Taunton's Steve Grinter used the non-championship eligible twinshock to head up the Standard Route.

Harvey Bennion on his first Wyegate ride on the superb CRM (What, me biased? ed.)

Top points scorer for the Neath team Glyn Moses sets up for a slippery exit

Martin Gilbert earns his 10 championship points but regrets 2 unexpected 5's taking him out of a top spot.

Ross Mason uses every inch of gully to keep momentum for the exit

John Edmonds

Chris Harvey has deserted his Pamp for the X-Trainer's very different world.

Steve Grindle rolls off another clean before suffering a DNF with the rest of the Posse.


Team Results


Once Weres
39 Henry BENDALL11
42 Mike HUGHES9
Wye Bother
83 Daniel BENDALL28
84 Jason BENDALL12
85 Brendon KEDWARD33
Sons of Calamity
57 Mick THURMAN14
58 Jez BRAY14
59 Sam MANN49
Chelt Home Guard A
5 Steve VENN35
6 Andrew LEAHY37
8 Kevin MILLER11
Neath MC
13 John COLLINS79
14 Glyn MOSES14
21 Peter JOSEPH29
Wilfred Anchor Brothers
28 Harvey BENNION46
51 Glyn SMITH52
52 Max HAWKINS27
Eastbourne & DMCC
31 Tony ERREY20
32 Alan PATON29
33 Steve LUX94
Devon Boys
76 John LUCKETT62
77 Michael WHITEHOUSE74
Team Tragic
23 Kevan CORNWALL71
24 Peter COLLINS81
25 Steve MASTERS59
One Van
97 Andrew WHITE116
98 Chris PARR75
99 Nigel COX55
MotoWard Yamaha
46 Richard GARNER160
47 Martin WARD116
48 Neil VARNEY85
The RAW Posse
Pikes Plonkers
70 Robert PIKE35
72 Dave COTTLE19
Kev's Krashers
73 Andrea COTTLE87
74 Kevin LENNOX36


Section Statistics

Note: the bolded sections were the ones with alternative Championship Routes.

Section Statistics

SectionScore IncidenceTot
No.0123510MarksSec. NameAvg
Champ' Rte
1339221024Pingry 10.51
214107124080Pingry 21.7
3259553049Pingry 31.04
4317342035Pingry 40.74
5324155046Pingry 50.98
61854713099Pingry 62.11
7411220011Forge Wood 10.24
861429150120Forge Wood 22.61
9275275055Lords Grove 11.2
10345033029Lords Grove 20.64
1118115102061Hayes Coppice 11.33
12314254043Hayes Coppice 20.93
14336212023Roy's 20.52
1543100001Hendre 10.02
1643100001Hendre 2 Hillclimb0.02
17343132134Hendre 30.56
1843000000Village Farm 20
1941101004Village Farm 20.09
208228230145Village Farm 33.37
233422352122Penallt 12.76
24219134150Penallt 21.05
28206165161Pant-glas 11.34
29257051137Pant-glas 20.71
31380000110Forge Wood 30
32276122134Forge Wood 40.63
33351030010Forge Wood 50.26
Rte Tot:886167621781161215251
Std Rte
12674106075Pingry 11.42
261142570129Pingry 22.43
3641023100143Pingry 32.7
4136420100124Pingry 42.34
514732090118Pingry 52.23
6156117131134Pingry 62.38
7296386066Forge Wood 11.27
805311320204Forge Wood 24
92741316095Lords Grove 11.86
10162113153148Lords Grove 22.51
1124429120159Hayes Coppice 13.12
1216332360108Hayes Coppice 22.12
1418639140109Roy's 22.18
15305660365Hendre 10.74
16375500345Hendre 2 Hillclimb0.32
17386011454Hendre 30.3
18388130019Village Farm 20.38
19294728064Village Farm 21.28
20146612111119Village Farm 32.22
2311541891122Penallt 12.38
2485211220152Penallt 23.17
28103310184169Pant-glas 12.93
29174101124107Pant-glas 21.52
3128115310133Forge Wood 30.87
3277116710192Forge Wood 42.42
33312146486Forge Wood 51.05
Rte Tot:6051481134083126738281.99


Bike Statistics

Because the data is in the results, a quick query might show us trends. We all know Pampera's dominate but let's see the numbers. We have clearly ignored Capacity variations.

So that is 24 KTMs to 26 Pamp's. What surprises does next year hold? Beta's X-Trainer has even convinced our Clerk of the Course that it can do everything - He even rode the Corinium Enduro on his!

AJPUltrapassar PR32
Gas GasPampera26
Gas GasTX Randonne2
Montesa4RT Longride1
TriumphTiger Cub1