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Wyegate Trial 25th March 2007

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That's It! Done and more or less dusted. Final Results (version 3) are on the right.

We are interested in your comments whatever they are and will try to respond to them, even if they are the blindingly obvious ones like, 'That first half was tough but the afternoon was more like it!' Get back to Jackie on EntriesWyegate@wgdfmcc.org.uk or our General Sec Drew Moore wyegatesec@wgdfmcc.org.uk


Did you stay long enough to see Jackie's Video played on the Rugby Club's Big Screen? Then you know about a certain 3 time Wyegate Winner's 5 followed by a very muddy extrication! You may need to check the History page to find out who we mean.

Many thanks to Nibbs Adams who generously donated a box of Chocolates for the Observer's Draw. Won by one of our Route Check Team Graham Handley.

Now, See, Rod has his priorities right, look after your grafters first, Punters second! with his message to all who worked so hard on the Wyegate.
What a team effort! We needed the technical and IT expertise,the local knowledge of those who ran the private land sections which made a half of our observed sections. We needed the persuasive encouragement that got all the observers, marshals and course openers and closers to help run the sections, our officials who dealt with paperwork, entries and all the mundane stuff which makes the Wyegate a great LDT to take part in. We needed the camaraderie of WGDFMCC to pull it all together. So, thanks to you all, pat yourselves on the back, it was great and our competitors enjoyed it and I enjoyed being part of a great team. Rod.

From Ben: Club president and Wyegate landowner Roy Breakwell started the trial at his Rockfield Farm, so missing Forge Wood, French Lane and Lord's Grove. The reason? Well, we know the clocks went forward but he wasn't having a lie-in - his sheep had escaped and he had to round them up twice on the morning of the event. He took the opportunity to catch the breeze with observer Julian Bishop, who declined a ride on Roy's Serow "in case anyone saw him"!.(Hang on Ben, the way I heard it was you spent time fettling Roy's serow that got him going! ed.

What an excellent job putting up the 2007 Wyegate page so quick - well done! Where's the photos!! Ian Vessey. (See, that's what a good chairman does - he knows when to nag and praise. ed.)

Is this a fairy tale or true? Once upon a time there was a rider who wanted the hand of a beautiful maiden but before the maiden's father would allow this he wanted to test the rider's suitability, so he set him a task, the most difficult task he could think of. Not as simple as getting 20 rothmans from the off-licence down the road, but seriously difficult, like get a Wyegate entry when the web page has just ticked over to Full. Anyway our hero plods off to the phone box and pleads into the Wyegate Answerphone while crossing his fingers. No response. Next he decides to learn all about this new fangled email thing, which does get a response but not too positive. Finally he gives up and goes back to the bar in despair. But just when he'd given up all hope of being with this lovely maiden a magic fairy arose from the misty waters of Llyn Brianne where old trail riders disappear forever down in to the waters (They really should update their maps you know!) This fairy sensed his despair and cast a spell that nobbled 10 other entrants with various ailments and let all the reserve riders in after all. One satisfied Maiden's Dad gets his ride in the Wyegate. One rider skips off into the sunset with the beautiful maiden. Ah! A happy ending... Well, there is always a catch with magic fairies. So where is the down side? This evil fairy now decided to point someone's Video Camera at our Rider just when he was about to make his worst mistake of the day, and if that is not bad enough, the fairy threw an otherwise missing connecting cable between the camera and a 6 foot screen so all the other riders could see his misfortune.
Apologies to Monty Python and the Mitzi Gaynor sketch. And anyway most of this is probably not true, but maybe...

What the Riders Said

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the club and its huge number of volunteers for today's fabulous event, obviously the dry weather helped, and although a lot of lanes have been lost I think it's great that the club have managed to find so much private land. Heard a few people moaning about there being a lot of road work, but hey, what nice roads to ride in such great scenery.
My only complaint is that the lady starting the special test didn't tell me about stopping in the box, probably because we were too busy chatting about Pamperas, and anyway my own fault for not reading the instructions on the board! But the numbers on the box (three then two) threw me completely. Best wishes, Graham Smith

Thanks Graham. You do appear to have sorted the problem yourself though! We will reconsider the instruction system though.

First of all a big thank you to the West Glos club for the Wyegate trial. I've been riding trials for 25 years and the weekend's Wyegate (my first) has to be one of the best trials I've ever ridden and will definitely become an annual outing. Ian Thompson.
Ian actually asked to be credited with an extra 5! we duly obliged. Such honesty!

Many thanks for an excellent day. See you next year, wedding anniversary permitting. Mike Chewter

Thanks to all who helped, we had a fantastic day, well worth the trip from East Sussex. Thanks again to you all for a challenging, exhausting, frustrating, exhilarating, fun day trialing with a really friendly bunch of people. Steve Masters

Thanks for a great days riding, this was my first Wyegate (first trial in Wales) and it was an eye opener, Big rocks (the Pampera is wearing scars from a big off on Pant-Glas), I will have to practice on the slimy stuff as I lost most of my points at Old Hendre (3 fives) but this was the first time I had ridden my Pamp off road so it was a baptism of fire for both of us. Overall I cant fault it, top trial and a good days riding. I eventually got home to Cornwall at 9.45pm after what was a very long day (still suffering from Pamp-arse). Thanks again and hopefully see you all next year. Graham Coleman-Hill (53)
You definitely won the concours class Graham...well at the start anyway!

My brother and I had a good time yesterday and puffed our way around your event with varying degrees of sweat and disaster, even the odd bit of success! Thanks very much for your organisation and time, it was much appreciated! Jeremy Longland

Just like to say thank you for a great day in a great bit of countryside. Have found out that trials riding is not very easy. Sorry for bending bits of your lovely countryside and stirring up the mud while falling off a lot. Me and the TTr have almost recovered now and look forward to trying to get an entry next year. Hopefully do a bit better. Cheers, Patrick Longland

Thanks for a great day out. It must be a mammoth organising task for the club - so very well done. Mike Husband(Merlin Books - Motorcycle books & videos , Moto Merlin - Supermoto & Dirt Bikes)

Just writing to say a big Thank you to the club and organisers for another Great Wyegate LDT. A 'different' Wyegate to previous years but well run, well organised and still a lot of fun, despite once again making me realise I am no trials rider!. Must have been a good event as I'm aching all over, more so than last years. Regards Pete Dunckley (54)
For those of you in the know, Pete contributes to the TBM web forum where he and a few other riders have uploaded their reports, photos, vids and comments. We don't include a link as some of the content does not match our site policy of 'links only to sites suitable for 8 year old to view.'

Just a few lines to say well done to the Wyegate team who put so much effort and time into running this brilliant event. With NERC now biting throughout Britain and the history and heritage of our Rights of Way network being destroyed, for no sensible reason, the club did a fantastic job in planning the route.
Yes there was a fair bit of road work but even thrumming along at 30 MPH on my old bike wasn't too painful, although I was glad of my earplugs!
The weather played the game for once making for a very pleasant ride round with the sometimes slimy 'one rut lanes' requiring much less effort than normal.
As ever the trial wouldn't be the same without Pant Glas, can you arrange for us to do it twice next year. One day I will clean the first bit!
Went to work today, totally knackered, scabby face, bruised arm and stiff leg after the AJS spat me over the front after the front brake plate broke up and locked the wheel solid. Still, can't wait for next year though! Thanks again to you all. Paul Farley PS Well done Yoshi !!!

The wide awake among you will spot that Paul was one of only 3 to better a 3 on the killer mud slot! Must have got there early eh! And no chance for PGx2 as RTA Trials and Rallies Act makes that difficult.

Well done to you all for putting on such a great event, when you finish the Wyegate you certainly know that you have ridden in a trial! best wishes and many thanks. Keith Wells

Just like to say how much we appreciate your Wyegate team's efforts. Congratulations on overcoming all the difficulties that have to be overcome to run the event.
Riding the event yesterday reminded me so much of how trials were in the late 50s when I was just a lad.
You have all shown the determination and flexibility to adapt to the modern world and still produce the most outstanding event. You lead the way with "e" stuff, probably saved another rain forest, hope others follow.
Just a little snippet for the event log, it was a bit of a blur at the time, but do you have a sign that tells the riders how many subs there are at a particular section? Having nearly mowed down the brave observer, on the second sub, I tried to clean the rest of the track not realising it was only two subs! (Pant-glas I think). Its not important that i missed a 1st class award by the three marks I didn't lose. Many thanks and hope to see you next year (what a way to spend your old age pension) kind regards. Bob Wilson

Was that a 3 for the whole of PG then Bob... Cool! and thanks for not mowing down Tom Lee. We'll consider writing a sign at the start cards for any continuous subs as observers can't always position themselves near enough to tell everyone.

I sit here Tuesday morning, on my second day off work following my Wyegate ride! Why off work? (I hear you say) after all you did get round and rode the bike home afterwards.
Well, as you know I was probably the only rider who found a 'reverse gear' on his bike when lining up for my attempt at Lords Grove 2. Managed to get the back wheel over the lip of the steep incline down to the main road and the weight of the bike and gravity took over and backwards I went until a tree and the right hand side handlebar came together and halted proceedings with my rib cage in between absorbing the full impact and being 'winded' and breathless for quite some time afterwards for good measure! Had to get the bike down to the main road - not easy - and backtrack to pick up the route and to reach the section again.
Aided by the rest breaks when doing the roadwork I managed to negotiate the lanes and sections - but in the condition I was in it was bloody hard work. I am grateful for the encouragement of fellow WGDFMCC member and competitor, Dave Harris, who stuck with me and led me round so I did not have to worry about route finding. Also my thanks to any other competitor who came up behind me on the lanes where my slow, deliberate and somewhat painful progress would have hindered them - thanks for their patience.
The good points - got another finish, got up Pant Glas 1 & 2 clean despite the pain! But dropped more marks than I would have liked (we riders always say that don't we!) I really must get used to this 'modern' clutch slipping method of riding - wish I had the flywheel effect of my 500 Ariel on the Beta!
So to paraphrase comments from the Wyegate history page . . . "It was a test of endurance . . . " I thoroughly enjoyed the event and continually marvel at all the individual and collective hard work, time, effort and unfailing commitment put in by all of you! It was a fantastic 'team' achievement once again.
Very very many thanks to each and every one of you who was involved in any way, and congratulations on yet another successful Wyegate despite the imposition of the new legislation! Goff Hannam

Goff was another of our guaranteed entries as he helps observe other club trials in the year and for his efforts he also won the best working member award the John Price Cup.

Another great Wyegate, shame I didn't finish. I was the one with the flat tyre(86) on the road after Ysguborwen - thanks to all the riders who stopped, especially the one who gave me some flat-weld. Cheers to all the people behind the scenes who helped make the Wyegate what it is. I think I need a smaller and lighter bike than the DR350 for next year! Kierran Blayney
If anyone has a suitable bike for sale, we'll pass the info on to Kierran.

Just like to say a big thank you to everybody for this years Wyegate. Really enjoyed it, one of the best I've done, a real good day. All the usual stuff and some new, start venue superb, well organised, still good even with nerc bill in. Regards Steve Biddle, Darren Woodley, Wayne Hewitt.

Please pass on my admiration and thanks to the Wyegate organising team. A very good event and the Berry Hill base a definite improvement on the Orepool Inn. If only I was able to have such support, The Tour of Islwyn would probably still be running. These days the only event I am organising is the annual day out for mentally handicapped children and adults, which this year incorporates a Trailbike Trial on the Sunday .Mike Rees
Follow the link to all the info to see if you can help.

Congratulations to The Organising Team and of course Yoshi. Another superb WYEGATE even with a Nerc'd route. Next job is to complete the claim for Wyegate Hill and work out how many Wyegates I've completed. Here's to next year and an earlier breakfast!!! Thanks again. Chris Brown

Many thanks to all the organisers. Excellent day had by all, especially as it was a dry day!! See you next year perhaps, Cheers, Martin Diamond and John Long from Dorset.

Many thanks for a wonderful day. Well done all involved. Well done Yoshi. Sections bang on, straight forward but able to take marks if you got complacent. Had two five's, one when I shot over the bars on Squire Breakwell's estate in one of the easiest sections, and one on Pant Glas, which I didn't realise I had, but never mind, I am certainly not going to protest! Found the route straight forward to read, now I have managed to find a cheap route holder on the www. We took 7 hours to do the event. Had great fun with Steve and Bob. It was Steve's first LDT, after years spent doing Enduros and Road Racing, he thought trials were going to be easy. Ha!!! Here is to next year, and tell Jules Bish to save me a section to observe on Boxing Day please. Andrew Luff
Well that pretty much guarantees a ride next year then. Thanks Andrew

Where did the Marks Get Dropped?
0: 1:2:3:5:Tot:
1Forge Wood_155401720155
2Forge Wood_21220103717236
3Forge Wood_3291472422210
4French Lane 148841421167
5French Lane 2391281819177
6Lord's Grove 157921315127
7Lord's Grove 260311220141
8Lord's Grove 3131663031273
10Rockfield 1750211982
11Rockfield 2442010193112
12Old Hendre 125441449299
13Old Hendre 20032370425
14Old Hendre 326751246283
15Old Hendre 4102201945324
24Coed Llifos 1831000010
25Coed Llifos 26612411053
26Pant-glas 121363033270
27Pant-glas 2681137353
28Buckle Wood711122546
29Limekiln Woods5770919129
30Mork 176315650
31Mork 2436101814150