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Wyegate Trial 26th March 2006

All the following sections have photos included: Final Results, Ben Falconer's Report:, From the Clerk of the Course, Snippets, What the Riders said, Pete Dunckley's Report (TBM Forum), Section Statistics (which were the tough ones!),


If you've got any comments or snippets/stories that others may enjoy, email us on wyegate@wgdfmcc.org.uk Also, anyone got any fabulous shots they would like to share?

We now have some Video clips. Give these a go, they are all about 1 MB in size and Windows Media Files. (That means a few minutes download for those of us who still live in trees! - Pre-broadband.) The Clips: (by Colin Jones) Mike Husband Cleans Allt-y-bela. | Steve Venn Cleans Allt-y-bela. | Gordon Brown safely cleans Allt-y-bela. Gordon looses a third of his total marks at Pant-glas 1. | Chris Brown. Rigid. Pant-glas. Painful? Check it out! | Jason Bendall on a 600 at Pant-glas. | Steven Fellows at Pant-glas on a Benly! | Our very own Jack Pegler and Jimmy Marshall at Pant-glas. We also have many more clips available but no space to put them up on the web. I'll try to list them here later so you can ask for them to be emailed to you for free. Oh yes, If you would like nay of them full TV quality then we could put them on a DVD for you at a very sensible price plus a charity donation to show willing!

Nice way to spend a birthday! Organising Marshals/Marking Out/Course Opening/Partying on down! I bet our Chief Marshal Pete Neale slept well!

Own up then, who forgot to change their clocks? Ah! that's right Mike Wells did. Lucky he lives so close. Hang on! Mike would have had an excuse for riding around in his Pyjamas, but wasn't. However, someone was and they feature in one of our video clips above!

Ben Falconer just read our CofC's notes and pointed out that Matt had missed the point, Tony's looped bike just could have been aimed at him!


Did you spot at the end of the results were credits for our valliant marshals! Did you also spot that some of them not only got up early to help sort out the start but then observed for a couple of hours then rode the event as well before collapsing! See, Gordon had it easy! Did anyone spot our famous hillclimb marshal who was separated at birth! see photo.

You are supposed to ride to and from the event in a truly Classic Trial for the most brownie points so Pete Dunckley and Ken Brown get some, but Goff Hannam gets more for riding an Ariel HT500 to and from!

While waiting for results sheets to come in our web editor digitally filmed some riders attempting the hill climb. while he was there 2 rides shone out above the rest. If you were one who legged up the central slot for a safe clean, you should see the video clips of Mike Husband and Steve Venn as a master class on how you could have done it.

What the Riders have said:

We've had emails flooding in so thought we should share some of the comments:

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all involved with the trial. We had a fantastic day, Last few sections were extra tricky, thanks to the rain and being too unfit!! but this added to the fun as well as the score!! Excellent road map and organising, and a huge thank you to the poor observers having to stand all afternoon in the rain! Cheers all, Jase and Dan Bendall

We were one of the first to arrive and the last to leave, thirsty work the Wyegate! we all had a brilliant day despite having had 3 punctures - all on the same bike - a chain coming adrift on two of the bikes, a sticking throttle and a pair of wayward waterproofs. I hope that it wasn't the last Wyegate just because a few NERDS, I mean NERCS, want to outlaw outdoor sports. Once again a big thank you to all involved, an excellently arranged event, long may/might it live on! Duncan Shaw, Steve hancox and Peter Meek

It was my first Wyegate and I have been meaning to do it for years but what a great day it was in spite of the rain, mud, broken clocks, clutch - brake levers and a dented tank!! Thanks to all the people who helped out on such a memorable day. Kierran Blayney
What your readers don't know is that you earnt your ride the proper way, by observing for us before. Good on ya!

Just to say what a great day. I was one of the old time riders who rode to the trial (had a flat in the back on way) got to the start, rode all day, brill fun with little bro winning, lost rear brake pads half way through trial, had another flat and rode home. Great fun. (I must be daft) Ken Brown
I bet you are winding Spud up about beating him on 2 of his bogey sections! We've got a video clip of Spud (Gordon) dropping the dab at Pant-glas.

Everything the very best, except my performance but i've got an excuse for that. Hope to do it again next year. Bob Wilson
The club has a copyright on our massive list of excuses. Hope you're not infringing!

How many more chains did Pant-glas break? I saw 2 in the time I was there. One being repaired with an Axe by our very helpful friend in the Cottage. And while we're talking about Pant-glas, No, the dog is not a regular there and we never did spot the owner!

I had two punctures & the second took absolutely ages to fix. I was convinced I was last & all the Observers would be long gone. But I was pleased to see all sections manned...So please pass on my thanks to all the Observers & Officials for hanging about while we riders flaff about somewhere down a muddy lane. Mike Husband (Merlinbooks.com)
Mike also thanks Pete Hughes for helping out with the second tube.

Well it was my first Wyegate. I was awake most of the previous night worrying about Pantglas Steps and the little sleep I did have I spent having nightmares about it! I survived the trial and Pantglas, thanks to Yoshi dragging me round on his 16th Wyegate. For once he was right! It was a great trial and when the bruises have gone, hopefully by next year, I want to ride it again. Thanks to all who helped organise it. Sarah & Yoshi
We should apologise for putting that shot on the programme cover then. That wasn't a nice thing to see before you set off. Sorry.

C'mon Colin, results of some sort should be up by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Timed at 8:30 Sunday night.) Ian Hannam
Yes, I know, bloomin computers slow everything down. Reality is that we had them done before we left the pub at about 5:00pm Error checking took a while but we had them up about 10:00pm - Even so we still didn't spot everything, see Paul Cox below.

Hi all, just a quick email to say thanks for another great wyegate out in the forest, please pass on my thanks to all the hard working marshals and helpers. A bit of a disappointing ride/score for me as I had no back brake after the first five minutes, so that made some of the sections a bit tougher than I would have liked. No excuses I rode like a novice, which is no good as I am riding Scottish in 5 weeks time. Hope to see everyone at Caerphilly's spring surprise Hay-on-wye 2 April. CHEERS NIBBS.
Here's wishing you a better ride and more luck at the scottish, after all it is an easier trial!! Nibbs is our winning'ist rider with 3 under his belt so is sure to do well. (Oops! must rephrase that to SOLO Wins, just checked, Adrian Moss has won 5 Wyegate Cups - 4 of them with Mike Wathen in the sidecar or is that just a technicality? Mike was also riding solo this year on a the twinshock XL125.)

Hi all. Just to say thanks for a great day's trail riding. I was no60 riding the big XR650 which I found ideal for the challenging conditions. Just looking at the provisional results my marks add up to 15 and they are down as 17! Thanks again and see you next year. Paul Cox
Well spotted Paul. In version 2 of the provisional's we forgot to show the section 4 column although the totals were correct.

I enjoyed observing (although I prefer to ride) its nice to put something back into the event. Also interesting seeing all the other riders on a section. See you next year. Keith Bloxham
Thanks for your help Keith. Much appreciated.

Thanks for a great day! Pete Dunckley
Pete has put a report up on the Trailbike Magazine's Web Forum. Pete Dunckley's Report

Section Statistics

Hope this makes sense to you. The bold numbers represent the best and worst. The Totals column shows number of marks dropped in that section and the values under the penalty type shows the frequency. eg. there were 29 fives on section 1.

No: Section: 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Tot:
1 Bream Lane 27 9 7 25 0 29 243
2 Limekiln Woods 62 7 3 9 0 15 115
3 Devauden Lane 63 23 3 5 0 1 49
4 Coed Llifos 1 53 16 9 8 0 9 103
5 Coed Llifos 2 34 8 6 37 0 10 181
6 Coed Llifos 3 13 20 10 24 0 28 252
7 Remmer's Gully 42 11 4 23 0 15 163
8 Allt-Y-Bela 51 13 10 6 0 15 126
9 Ysguborwen 84 8 2 1 0 0 15
10 Nant-y-Banw 87 7 0 1 0 0 10
11 Craig-y-Master 68 8 3 8 0 8 78
12 Ty-Fry 30 13 8 32 0 11 180
13 Pant-glas Steps 1 22 16 8 14 0 34 244
14 Pant-glas Steps 2 51 10 2 8 0 23 153
15 Bigsnap 32 11 5 26 0 19 194
16 The Craig 74 6 3 5 0 3 42
17 Tony's Wood 1 47 7 5 14 0 18 149
18 Tony's Wood 2 41 13 5 22 0 9 134
19 Wyegate Hill 2 4 4 34 0 45 339
20 French Lane 1 6 5 2 41 0 35 307
21 French Lane 2 6 3 0 23 0 56 352
22 Astridge Wood - The Somme 24 10 11 39 0 5 174
23 Forge Wood 1 - 24 6 4 23 0 31 238
24 Forge Wood 2 29 5 1 27 0 26 218
25 Forge Wood 3 - 55 6 6 17 0 5 94
1027 245 121 472 0 450 4153