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Wyegate Trial - 13 March 2005

Words Colin Jones and Photos By EDP

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Now the day is over all that is left is to discuss the excuses!(unless your names are Julian Page and Garry Jones of course)

You can view and print the results from this link. Results (PDF format)  More Photos and some Inside Stories... Plus Now some shots of 'That Rock'. 

Ben's Report together with some absolutely brilliant photos from the EDP Photographers You MUST SEE THEM...

History of the Wyegate and Past Winners...

Want to see What Happened last year...

Comments from the masses.(email us)

Just a quick line from the team from Nottingham (Billy's buffoons). we really enjoyed the day out and the organisation was plain to see. Thankfully it was slightly easier than last year. 135km - 27 sections. Once again thanks a lot for a good event and good day out.  John, Patrick & Richard. Another splendid day, put on by splendid people.

The new route sheets o.k. Think I may bring my roadbike for the morning next year and my trialsbike for the afternoon, some of the sections didn't appear to be typical Wyegate sections but very testing. A big thank you to all the officials and observers. Hopefully Caerphilly has LDT on august 20th, all welcome.(no wheelies away from start!!!! you know who you are) Seems like the welsh can ride and play rugby!!! NIBBS
Don't forget with us being on the border, half of our club members are welsh so you can't wind us up that easily Nibbs.

Great Wyegate, thank everyone for there help. (Never did find "reset trip") - Steve Venn
Point Taken Steve. We used a separate box for reset as we thought it was confusing zeroing the total but now realise we didn't need to. Doh!

Hi All, We've just updated our website with the Wyegate photos as we've been out shooting track days. Come and see our Gallery.. Nigel at www.edpphoto.com

Just a quick compliment. The route book was magnificent, only one slight hesitation approaching the Mork Hill sections. Next year I may try the GPS - Norman Blakemore
That's good news. We did have the option this year for some riders to upload a GPS version but there are many problems to overcome with that too. It would be interesting to know what you riders would like. Send us a wish list if you like.

Thanks for a really good day out, it was my third ldt and third attempt at trials type things. It has made me want to do more. Thanks to all the observers and those who put in all the hard work behind the scenes getting access and setting out the course. - George Humphreys
George also wrote up his exploits for the Rides List on Yahoo and allowed us to copy them for you all to readhere..., a very entertaining read. Thanks George.

Great day out and seeing Robin Looms on the xl250 drive into a tree (which I think was caught on camera) is the funniest thing I've ever seen! - Christopher Harvey
It might be worth your while looking up the word Revenge in a dictionary Christopher, just so you're prepared you understand. He's bound to get you back.

I enjoyed the day and thanks for your hard work in preparing for the trial. - Trevor Wall
Thanks for being a reserve that came through Trevor.

About those roadbooks. I really prefer them when you have 4 pictures across the page then I spend less time winding them. I did enjoy the event though - Mike Rees
I take your point Mike but we have less room for text as backup with 4 pic's and our brilliant semi automated software allows us to chop and change right up to the last minute but only in one column. Colin Jones

Super Event and thanks for all your hard work. Ouch! my head hurts from that branch though! - Andrew Luff
So you think there is no advantage to being short do you?

Section Statistics

The Bold figures show The Somme to be the most Paddled section while Chepstow Park the most fived and Old Hendre 1 as the easiest.

Section 0's 1's 2's 3's 5's Total
Lord's Grove 69 4 9 8 8 86
Dead Fox Boulder 52 11 6 13 16 142
Roy's Wood 75 6 0 6 11 79
Lower Stream 57 22 8 5 6 83
Upper Stream 49 16 6 15 12 133
Old Hendre Farm 1 87 3 1 1 6 38
Old Hendre Farm 2 80 6 2 3 6 49
Tregare 46 23 15 6 7 106
Nannies Lane 24 5 10 32 26 251
Pant-glas Steps 1 21 7 9 23 37 279
Pant-glas Steps 2 36 14 5 28 14 178
Buckle Wood 65 14 7 8 3 67
Barn Dance 79 8 0 1 9 56
Chepstow Park 1 28 16 12 13 28 219
Chepstow Park 2 1 6 3 18 69 411
Limekiln Woods 18 7 7 23 42 300
Mork Hill 74 10 4 5 4 53
Wyegate Hill 62 9 4 11 11 105
Coxbury Lane 69 11 7 5 5 65
The Tank 49 16 6 11 15 136
Astridge Wood 34 21 9 32 1 140
Rollercoaster 50 11 4 14 18 151
Forge Wood Boulders 43 16 5 17 16 157
Forge Wood Trees 4 19 5 51 18 272
The Somme 12 10 16 52 7 233
Bream Lane 37 21 11 11 17 161