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Wyegate Trial 2019

A round of the ACU Trail Bike Championship

Words: Colin

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We have a date booked with our governing body (28April2019) and they have allocated us a round of the national championship so everything is go. Rod Jones has kindly agreed to take the role of Clerk of the Course and has built a strong team to put it all into play. (There are still roles to be filled though, so don't be shy!)

Exciting times for the Wyegate - The team have been discussing how to combat some of our perennial problems. The major one is observers waiting around for you riders to actually get there. If we can avoid delays this will help. If riders didn't waste time looking at sections and waiting for their mate at each section because they can't read a map that would help. We may have to reduce something be it section length, course length, number of sections. We may have to introduce tighter time limits or intermediate time controls. You can bet there will be a re-focus on Trail Bikes in the regs! We don't know yet how. Come back and check this page for the latest on how we intend to change the world!...

The ACU have so far announced the following rounds: to come...



It is great to welcome another club joining the ranks with a championship round and in the month before ours gives a nice chance to recover for riders. Sad news is that our friends, the Cheltenham Home Guard club have had to pull the plug on The Sphinx Trial. Rumours abound about a replacement LDT but nothing official yet.

More to come...