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Julian Bishop - RIP

Today we lost Jules who has been a backbone to this club for almost 50 years. Our thoughts go out to Clare, Rachel, Dan, Ben, Joe and the family.

I doubt many others in our motorcycling community will have had such a vast experience of so many different disciplines from both a riding and organising perspective as the Bish. We've started to gather some of our memories in a separate page here.
[On: 20Dec2020]

Clerk Of the Course Extension for 2021

ACU has agreed to extend the duration of cover for existing 2020 Clerks of the Course for another year covering 2021, if yours would have expired. You do have to opt in for this to happen though. Don't contact ACU HQ but request an extension by submitting your licence number and name to our ACU Western Centre Secretary, Jennie Jones. Contact details on the ACU Western Website page.
[On: 11Dec2020]

Membership Extension for 2021

As our poor members didn't get much fun in 2020, for some reason, the powers that be have decreed we should extend the period covered for a year. Consequently, if you were a paid up member for 2020 then you may consider yourself paid for 2021. This means you will see an option when applying for a trials or racing licence on the ACU website to join again for free. Our membership secretary will be checking before authorising, so don't think you can pull a fast one!

More info on our Membership page.
[On: 30Nov2020]

Meetings Have Restarted - And Stopped again!

As the Orepool reopened we resumed meetings from 20th July onwards. If the weather was fine we were outside. But as the Rule of Six came in it is decided to cancel meetings and manage with emails and good old fashioned phones! So if you need to get in touch see the Contacts page linked in the above Menu.
[On: 3Oct2020]

Photo Quiz on Western Centre website

Too Late, Huw has already won it.. Well, he's so old he was probably there! Click the Pic to see the answers.

A quiz where West Glos member have an advantage. Well there are three obvious ones in the pic and because we've had a strong bias towards all things enduro for absolutely ages then there should be some knowledge within. Have a better look on the ACUW (ACU Western) website which happens to be edited by our press officer Ben Falconer. You had a week to email your guesses before the next week's quiz was released. Even Ben didn't know all the answers, unless he'd looked through dad's TMX archive and you may guess that that is isolated at the moment. (we would have been stuffed if Tony had ventured into the attic though!)
[On: 06May2020]

In the mean time..

Update: Events can start again but under limited circumstances. Read more on the ACU Website

What are we going to do? Ok, so we've been knocking those polish and pose riders for years because we are all riders who get out there and ride!. Maybe it is time for us to polish if not pose. Well, we can all get some long overdue work on the bike/s done now. Anth is still running his spares hotline.
[On: 20Mar2020]

Covid 19

There is no point us repeating stuff that is already written elsewhere so here's the relevant sources: ACU Chairman Roy Humphrey says..., Latest ACU News and Latest from our local ACU Western website.
[On: 19Mar2020]

Who had these awards?

It seems that there is some confusion about who we awarded the Rose Bowl and the Alpha Romeo Service awards to last year! Could it possibly have been that some of you were a bit tipsy? Please let us know if you were the recipient of either or can remember who got them! admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk
[On: 14Jan2020]

Valder Charity Trial

We at West Glos were helping out at the Western Centre run Charity trial on 15th December in memory of Brian Valder. Many thanks to those West Glos members who joined in with the work party and observed on the day (Including Darren who ensured I didn't mess up at Signing on!) More info on the Centre's website.
[On: 15Nov2019]

New Start Time for Club Meetings

Is this worse than having the clocks go back? We shall see. From now on we will start Meetings at 20:30 sharp (8:30pm) Apparently some of you have to work the next day!
[On: 06Feb2018]

All change at AGM! (Wait for it... This is still 2018's)

You're expecting me to say Not, aren't you? Well you are wrong. We have an opportunity to say a very big heartfelt thanks to Matt Neale for taking the key role of being secretary for absolutely ages. Matt and Vess did such a good sales job on offering the job up at the AGM that Ian Wixon decided not to miss out. And his bid was accepted. So, a big welcome to our new Club Secretary and Vice Chairman. Matt doesn't get off scot free though. He hasn't got rid of his other job of Club Archivist. Indeed he immediately fired himself up and ordered 2 giant boxes from the A4 Allen's emporium to catch up with the workload. The Full Line-up.

Both Rod and myself were honoured for the roles we have undertaken behind the scenes - not to say that others haven't also been trundling away. More like I've forgotten what else I was going to add here - prod me someone! What did I miss?
[On: 06Feb2018]

West Glos members do still ride Motocross - and well!

Update: Sadly, Roan had an off in training and missed out on the trip. Read more...

Roan Delaney, who rides a few of our trials has just been selected as one of 5 riders to represent ACU in the 65cc class of the Junior Motocross World Championship which will take place on 29/30 July in Estonia. There are other selection criteria that have to be met before it is clearcut but Roan may get a assisted ride if all goes well. Congratulations to Roan and family for getting to such a high level.
[On: 19June2017]

West Glos Riders at the Scottish

"He's used a plural!" you say. And No, I still don't get grammar. What I mean is it wasn't only Benzo stepping up to be counted. After riding our Stony Green and taking a Club/Exp Win, Richard Knott joined with our club and had his first attempt at the 6 Day. We kept an eye on ACU Western Riders on the Centre's site through the week and were pleased Benzo got it together for all 6. Rich was elligible for the Newcomer award and did well to slot in in 25th position completing all 6. Ben should be pleased to get a year without major problems to battle. Both he and riding partner Glos & Cot's Matthew Christopher had a good week for a change. Rich rode the week with Fred Adams putting pressure on him. Congrats to both and hope you both have another go.
[On: 09May2017]

Roger Holland completes the ISDE in style.

It has been a long time coming but we have another West Glos rider finishing the ISDE. Monmouth based Roger Holland was selected for the Welsh ISDE Team joining Charlie Evans and Adams James in Spain.

Roger had a superbly consistent ride coming 33rd in the club riders out of 381. With individual Special Test positions such as a 18th on Day 1 and Day 5 and a worst of 112th. His consistent ride helped bring Team Wales in in 11th place, which was the 3rd best UK team.

You will no doubt read elsewhere about how the GB Trophy team wrangled a superb 2nd in the new format 4 man team of Danny and Jamie McCanney, Jamie Lewis and Nathan Watson. Well done all.

Wilf Parker 1961 ISDT Shot - Julie & Ken FaullWest Glos's last known rider to compete was Wilf Parker who rode his Greeves to a bronze in 1961 (1961 Results stored in a FIM archive here.) And more about the 1961 6-Day here.

The 2016 event was run in Spain from 11th to 16th October, More 2016 details here. The club had initially planned to send a club team but logistics and various other factors knocked that on the head. But this positive move by one member could stir up interest for 2017 when it is in France at Brive-La-Gaillarde on 28 Aug to 2 Sep. More 2017 details here.
[On: 17Oct2016]

Biker's Rest Trials Holidays

If you haven't got your holidays booked yet then New club member John Luckett & wife Brenda tell us there are still some dates available and a few places where people have had to pull out.
John Luckett was, and still is, a talented rider from the South West. Have a look at his Wyegate results this year. As they have ground suitable for the young riders right up to expert level and the Cornwall coast and pubs nearby, you can't go far wrong! Click on the image to browse through their website.
[On: 02May2016]


Some awards only show up at the Annual Do/Sporting Review. You don't need to be a rider to get an award in this club, other talents are rewarded too! Read about some of our awards.
[On: 20Jan2016]

RTA Cover for LDTs etc.

Time for praise for the ACU I think. One big headache for both organisers and riders of road based events has been massively streamlined thanks to superb work by our governing body. We won't need to check our bike insurance covers us for trials and rallies or pay the extra one day cover. (Unless you are also doing the odd non-ACU event or two, of course.) More details on the ACU site.
[On: 5Dec2015 11:00]

Trev RIP

Centre President Trev (right) in discussion with West Glos' President Breakwell

More tributes on Western Centre website.

Trevor Hunt - a Long time friend of West Glos sadly passed away on Christmas Day 2014. Our members have many happy memories of riding Trevor's home club, the Wye Valley AC's, events and Trev stewarding our events.

I also remember my first Welsh 2 Day Enduro and bumping into Trev after the first day, thinking he'd been out watching on his bike, "No, I've been route marking day 2 so while you are riding that I'll be picking up day 1's markers." Strewth! There was no stopping the man. Even when he did finally slow down he created an event, for people who put some effort in, with the Olchon, which was usually run as a 12 man or trail ride and was dangerously close to the Bulls head at Craswall where many an après Trial was spent pestering Trev to get the results out.

He was a major force in the Centre as secretary for many years and as President. There may even be a sedimentary layer around Herefordshire that may identify the Trevor Hunt Age. More on the Centre website.
[On: 27Dec2014]

Use of Wyesham Lane

One of our local residents has reported to us that there is continued illegal use of Wyesham Lane. We would ask all club members and friends not to use this as it jeopardises any possible future use by the club, apart from being a nuisance to residents and causing potentially serious disturbance to the equestrian centre located on the lane.
[On: 26May2014]

Alan 'Taff' Davies

Sad news that Taff died on the 20th Nov 2013 - It is hard for anyone involved in Enduros to not know or have heard of Taff or his exploits being an active West Glos and WTRA member from way back. He will be missed by many. Over the last decade he'd been running an off-road bike tour business in Thailand and having various visits back to the UK when the weather suited him. He last updated us on events abroad on our 'Other Worlds' page.

If you missed the funeral, and the packed Parkend church says loads of you didn't, then you may have missed that rather than flowers, donations would be appreciated to go to the Alzheimer's Society.
[On: 24Nov2013 updated 14Dec]

1952 New Watney Motorcycle Manufactured in Forest

OK, we are a little late putting the advert in as they've sold out and closed down now. Who'd have believed it, a Motorcycle used to be made in Lydney! - Well I should have for one as I was brought up within 100m of the 'Factory' as were Goff and Cliff. I bet their vintage enthusiast father Doug Hannam knew. Am I the last to know? Have a look at some photo's and a brochure on the superb Sun Green website
[On: 30Sep2013]

What was it like back then dad?

If Dad told you bikes handled better than these modern things, he was lying. If he told you you could never jump those old British bikes, he was lying too. Have a look at this video Cliff Hannam spotted. It could clear up all those myths.
[On: 10Sep2013]

Len Ore

Len Ore died on 8th December, just short of his 80th birthday. Len was an amazing man who lived life to the full. His list of achievements is lengthy and varied. He has been past President of the Vintage club, founder member of the TRF, organiser of many Ariel and VMCC rallies, trials, grasstrack and road race competitor and model aircraft enthusiast.
Of significance to the West Glos, he and I organised the Border 100. This event for pre65 bikes trying to recreate a day of the ISDT of the 50's. Colin and Jackie say it was the inspiration for the Wyegate.
He would set off for rallies all over the Continent on his beloved pre war Ariels - bikes most of us wouldn't ride to the docks! He has ridden over the highest pass at 18,500 ft in the Himalayas, enduring altitude sickness and camping. As I said, an amazing man but most importantly a valued friend. I will miss him. Julian Bishop.

Also reported in our local papers - Cavalcade by Ben Falconer.
ALL roads led to the Forest of Dean for motorcyclists who paid their respects to a leading figure in vintage bikes.
Len Ore's coffin, with his helmet and one of his many rubber-band powered model aircraft adorning it, arrived at Yew Tree Brake cemetery yesterday ahead of a cavalcade of historic machines.
Many models of his favourite Ariel marque were ridden from all over the county and beyond to the service near Cinderford. Riders togged up in wet weather gear stood outside the packed chapel to hear his friend Dennis Beale tell just a few of the amusing events in Len's life, including the unintentional detachment of a sidecar from the chassis, complete with passenger, while on the move.
"The esteem he is held in, in the Ariel Owners Motorcycle Club and the Vintage Motorcycle Club is demonstrated here today, by the number of people who have attended to say goodbye", said Dennis, who with Len and David Fox rode the highest road in the world, in the Himalayas. "While reflecting on his achievements in life, we should be motivated by him too. He lived respected, and died regretted."
A former president of the 13,000-strong VMCC, he died aged 79 earlier this month.
He was instrumental in the formation of the Trail Riders Fellowship, and the Border 100 trial, a precursor to West Glos and Dean Forest Motorcycle Club's Wyegate long distance trial.
He chaired the AOMC and the Cotswold section of the VMCC, and was a member of the Association of Pioneer Motorcyclists.
Dennis told the congregation that Len started his career as an apprentice at Trojan Motor Works in Surrey, and moved with his wife Elvira and sons Michael and Leslie to the Forest of Dean in 1971. He threw himself in to the motorcycling scene. With Dick Sutton, Ray Everall and Ralph Venables, he set up the Trail Riders Fellowship which grew in to a large and influential organisation - some achievement from those early days.
He threw himself in to motorcycle sport in this area. With Julian Bishop, and Frank and Kay Williams, using old rights of way, he organised the Border 100 which in turn inspired Colin and Jackie Jones to create the Wyegate Trial, one of the longest and best long distance events.
[On: 29Dec2012]

Championships EndMallory Park - Julian Bishop - Vincent Rapide

Most of the year long National championships have ended now so let's have a look at the top end of our contenders.
A VMCC British Historic Racing Championship Win for Julian Bishop on the Vincent Rapide Sidecar.
Jake Hoare racks up his third Centre Championship title with the Youth A Win.
Goff Hannam 2nd and Ian Wixon 5th in the Sammy Miller Products Trials Championship Class 2 (Pre 70 twinshocks). Update: As the Unit/pre-Unit/2Strokes were amalgamated to make class 2, there are now separate class awards and therefore Goff has won the Pre-Unit award (He was only beaten by Jon Bliss on the 250 BSA who won the more general Pre-70 title.) Jeez, talk about confusing!
Henry 3rd overall in ACU Trailbike Championship
Mike Wells 2nd in 2012 Big Bike Rally Championship
And in Non ACU Hare & Hounds , Steve Biddle comes in 2nd in Experts and Martin George Wins the Clubman2 class in local MDR championship.

OK, who have I missed out? Let me know.

And here is a clip of Jules in April at Mallory. Thanks to AAndy4785.

[On: Updated 15Dec2012]

Gordon Lucas

Sad news that Gordon Lucas passed away on Saturday 10thNov2012. Everyone involved with motorcycles in our area will have known Gordon and his family, if not from Lucas Motorcycles of Ross shop then from their involvement in Motorcycle sport at every conceivable level.
[On: 21Nov2012]

New rules for Bike Licences in January

Age limits are changing next year. This mostly affects those who haven't already passed their tests. More info on the Government website.
[On: 03Nov2012]

Update - Marathon Effort

Latest - Pete has done it - 04:12:14.

Peter Neale is a name you will see throughout this website both in a riding and organising capacity. We struggle running the Wyegate without him. Indeed, this year Huw Watkins took Pete's usual task. However, Pete wasn't sat on his backside on that Sunday. He was training for the London Marathon by running the Forest Half-Marathon (1hr 44mins since you ask.)

We nearly lost Pete in 2006 as he was on his way to checkout the iron work on the pearly gates, thanks to a heart attack. Now he is putting his mended ticker to the test and doing the London Marathon on 22nd April 2012 in support of the British Heart Foundation. Our editor and a number of other members are already in debt to this excellent organisation. So, why not invest in someone's future and look after your own, there is tons of useful information on the BHF website on how to avoid joining us!

Please would you help him help them? You can sponsor Pete online using www.justgiving.com/Peter-Neale or contact him direct info@peterneale.co.uk.
[On: 10Apr2012]

Watch out for scammers too

Having your bike stolen is of course a bike owner's worst nightmare but Duncan Shaw says watch out for scammer's when trying to buy one too. He is after an AJS and was just contacted by a person purporting to be from America, but a good old search on the web found the guys name cropped up with other cases of being ripped off!
(If it was you that contacted Duncan about the Matchless then please call back as you may have a buyer.)
[On: 27Jan2012]

Stolen From Our Doorstep!

I have had 2 bikes stolen overnight on Sunday night/Monday morning 23 Jan 2012, from Berry Hill, Coleford, Glos.
My car window was smashed then the car moved to allow access to a garage door, then the garage door was forced. The bikes stolen were a KTM 250 EXC 2009, the other a KTM 620 LC4 2000 model fitted with orange plastics.
Both bikes are easily identifiable by myself, so any information gratefully received. Rewards for safe returns.
Gloucestershire Police are keen to hear from anyone who has heard of this type of garage door entry. i.e. a 5" round hole cut open with tin snips, allowing a hand to reach the lock on the inside.
Thanks, Mike Wells.
[On: 24jan2012]

New Trail Bikes

We could see a change of colour in the Wyegate car park for 2012! Martin Worgan just spotted these potential Pamp beaters: New Ossa Explorer or the very interesting Sherco X Ride (at least we won't have to consider banning this one as a cheat bike, it even has passenger pegs.)
[On: 14Nov2011]


Vess is brave. Very brave. Who else would go swimming out doors at this time of the year. And even braver, who else would film the slight hiccup and admit to it and record it for posterity. What a hero.

[On: 18Oct2011 22:15]

How Many Left?

Have you got the last remaining bike in the uk? Martin Worgan, being a Pamp fan, knows that there are '150 Pamps in the UK, of which 50 SORN�d'. How did he find that out you say? easy he went to www.howmanyleft.co.uk Go on, check your favourite bike out, you know you want to. (All the data is {'are' if you are that fussy!} derived from government figures.)

Hang on a minute - that means if the Wyegate entry completely fills up with Pamps then that is all of them! And yes, I have checked, there are 20 XT500s currently on the road, but not mine!
[On: 20Jun2011]

MDR's Brookthorpe HH

Couldn't resist linking to this Vid as there are loads of our members in it . Including our Press Officer on his Bultaco.
[On: 11May2011]

Rosie's Boost for Becky

One of our site's contributors, Rosie Hunter, has been proving her considerable talents with a great video of our World trials contender Becky Cook. Worth a view right through, especially if you were at G&C's recent centre Trial and wonder how come she dropped less than you!
[On: 04Feb2011]

It's Twins!

There has been a long history of twins in the Bishop dynasty, what with Vincents and Enfields, so congratulations to Joe and Leona on expanded the club membership by 2 and welcome to Henry and George, the new twins.
[On: 07Dec2010 20:30]

John Cadogan

East South Wales' powerhouse John Cadogan died last week. He leaves an amazing history of involvement in our sport and was extremely helpful with West Glos as we have frequently run events that cross the borders and serve both Western Centre and East South Wales. More details on his funeral on EnduroNews.com
[On: 05Jul2010]

Thanks to our Riders

If you've been to one of our events lately and partaken of the nosh facilities then big thanks as Teresa (Vess's better half) was able to hand over �150 to her chosen charity: www.maggiescentres.org for the benefit of the Cotswold centre

Not bad for just doing a bit of grub!

[On: 3Jun2010]

Fag Ash on Ty-fry back in 1986

3 Wheels Down

Very sad news that Brian Lethbridge sadly passed away last week. Brian was a well loved character in the Pre65 Sidecar Trials and Long Distance Trials world for many years with many inspiring performances on his beloved Triumphs. "Lefty" or "Fag Ash" was an early supporter of our Wyegate and helped promote the event to ensure a healthy sidecar entry for ages.
[On: 16Jun09]

Another Rider Down

James French tells us sad news - Ray Gerring died of a heart attack on Tuesday. Ray was a great supporter of LDTs, including the Wyegate, on a KMX 200 and latterly a sorted Mk3 Pampera, which he used to great effect. He finished 10th in the Wyegate last year and scored championship points in all but one of the ACU Trailbike series rounds too. From Oxford, Ray will be missed by his many friends in the Western Centre. More details and funeral arrangements on Western centre site.
[Updated: 16Mar09]