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Rights of Ways

You may contact our Rights of Way Officer directly using row@wgdfmcc.org.uk 

If you have, or currently use rights of ways, or even hope to in the future, then you really should be paying attention to what is happening.  We can't hope to convey a good picture of the current state of legislation effecting unsurfaced roads on this site, but please have a read of the sites that can.

Pete Dunckley prompted the inclusion of this link by naming his Wyegate Team Section 59. If you are on what you think to be a right of way for vehicles and a Police officer thinks you are riding illegally, they are entitled to sieze your vehicle under Section 59. Read the in's and out's of the legislation and some good advice on the GLASS Website.

Understanding the Issues:

LARA's site will give you a good grounding just by reading some of their Latest News, (Our club is a LARA member due to our ACU affiliation).

You can also get some good information from TRF's Website. You may also like to read how 4x4 users have got their act together at the Green Lane Association's website

You really should feel guilty if you don't send a letter off to your local MP. Those of us in the Forest should write to Mark Harper.