West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 66 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2019

Club Awards


Awards have been traditionally considered something you get for riding prowess. Where does that leave the many unsung heroes that actually put on events, or those who motivate and power a club. Read on.

We also award service to our club with Life Membership. Our current Life members are: in order of years held - Roy Breakwell, Julian Bishop, Ian Vessey, Matt Neale.

Our Awards Secretary is Stan Howitt.

The Orepool Trophy 'The Rose Bowl'

Donated by Jim Wilson - Presented to the club member who fellow members consider has contributed the most over the previous year. (Decided by a blind vote from Full Members only.)

Jim Wilson was the landlord of the Bush at Penallt for a number of years and welcomed us as host for the first few years of the Wyegate Trial, and also many trail riding trips. Then, conveniently, he took over the Orepool with much better parking.


1989Mrs Jackie Jones1999Ian Vessey2009Ian Vessey
1990Julian Bishop2000Andrew Moore2010Glen Thomas
1991John Lewis2001Ian Vessey2011Colin Jones
1992Stan Howitt2002Matthew Neale2012Roy Breakwell
1993Malcolm Harvey2003Ian Hannam2013Ian Wixon
1994Julian Bishop2004Carol Nicholas2014Colin Jones
1995Paul James2005Darren Thomas2015Darren Thomas
1996Merv Morgan2006Colin Jones2016Ben Bishop
1997Gerald Philpot2007Glen Thomas2017Rod Jones
1998Andrew Moore2008Matthew Neale2018?


The Nick Amos Observer Award

We lost Nick a few years back. Nick was a supporter who would come and help out at many of our events going back over the years. Ben Bishop was the first very deserving winner with his superb work in Observing the Conducted routes throughout the year, but not stopping at just that: organising, preparing, managing PR and, of course, looking after the club's future. We hope to grab a photo of the award soon.

2015Ben Bishop
2016Glenn Thomas


Other Awards

There are other Awards given but you'd have to come to our Annual Review to see who gets them and discover why! Some of the event specific awards are documented on the particular event's pages.