West Glos & Dean Forest
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Celebrating 71 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2024

Welsh 2 Day Enduro 2024

Words: ed.


That was one of the nice W2Ds, only the dust to worry about. The WG contingent had a majority of finishers. Lets have a scan through the results then: Expert - 5th Roan Delaney, Club - 31st Lloyd Cross, 45th Lewis Simpson, 63rd Ross Truszkowski, 79th Ollie Alford, DNF Nathan Jones, >50sClub - 45th Mike Allen. (Nathan completed day 1 ok and was beating Ollie on the tests). Our other locals Roger and Richard Holland pulled off a 17th in Championship and 43rd on >50s Club.

Doing course opening duties to keep this great event going were Robbie Breakwell, Ben Bishop, Simon Ellway, Richard Astley and Martin George. (Shout if we missed anyone!)

All shots by Colin Jones except Robbie Breakwell's Marshal shot. (There are loads of other shots, much better quality than these, just email if you'd like one or two, if I caught you. I'll email them back. All free. admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk)

Click to step through the shots.

Mike Allen half way through the Lea Hall Special Test on Day 1.
Mike getting the power on - just to prove he didn't fall off straight after the previous shot.
Richard Holland flying the WG flag and having a good sensible ride to beat Mike by about 21secs.
Ross Truszkowski puts best foot safely forward to beat Ollie and Nathan.
Ollie Alford ends up in 79th.
Lewis Simpson spots the off-camber and flicks it around.
Nathan proves the worth of having the nimble Xtrainer to put pressure on Ollie.
Now getting the tyre to bite to power up the last hill.
Roan Delaney clearly knows how to make the most of the faster wide line and buzzes the 125 up into the power band.
Roger Holland gets major airtime on the ET James Kaw 250 - Championship class had to do this test twice immediately after. He looked quicker and neater 2nd time.
Mike was going too fast again and overshoots the perfect line. This is now the Abbey-Cwm-Hir Test on Day 1.
Now Mike has spotted Anth and Gav and gets all serious again.
Ross had sussed there was no way he was going to test how deep the ditch was and ran wide to get more run-up.
And he nearly landed on the flat - Tidy.
WG's best placed member in Club class Lloyd Cross lets the 450 fly
and like Lewis, just after him only needs a bit of rear suspension to soak up the hit.
Lewis confidently fires the Yam at the far bank.
That certainly worked.
Ollie lands on the far bank but chose the wider part of the ditch, he's probably thinking must play it safe or someone might run me over ... now who would that be?
3 corners and a bog later and we get to see who was just behind Ollie, Nathan was determined but throwing mud up and not getting drive - good job Ollie wasn't behind at this point!
Roan was so darned quick that I missed getting a shot of him at the ditch but he barely slowed for it.
All big events need tons of helpers and the Forest provided 5 of their finest for course opening duties - Robbie, Simon, Ben, Martin and Richard. Thanks guys.