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September Trial - Pingry - 20 Sep 2020

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NOTE: Entries are open until 18thSep 22:00. Entry List added down below.

We'd hoped to run this trial at the Stony Green venue if things had improved, but Forestry England have now confirmed there will be no events in 2020. However, our team have now agreed to use our Pingry venue which will be familiar to the Centre's Youth Squad and our Wyegate Trial LDT Riders. But might be a surprise to those who've only seen terrain like this in the movies. (Frequent filming is done in neighbouring woods for Star wars, Cursed and a number of other famous films.)

Entries will be by the ACU Online system only and will be open from 7:00pm on Tuesday evening 8th September. There are only 60 available. Regulations will be found on the ACU event list and should be read thoroughly. There are a load of new rules to take in and be very aware of.

Any last minute information should be available here so come back and check frequently and definitely before you set off!

We may not be able to do our normal entry listing below but a list will be available when you login to your ACU member account.



Are we safe running an event? The club believe our regs comply with the lastest ACU guidance on dealing with the goverment's 'Rule of Six'. West Glos's Rule of 5's keeps our group size even lower (Regs found on the ACU Website linked top right). We will be grouping riders together who come from same households/families as much as possible but our conducted route is away from the main sections.

Riders should carry with them a mask and gloves to cover all eventualities. We will issue a number board for the front of your bike to aid the groups observer. You may need to bring some tape if you don't have a traditional number board.


Entry List

Numbers, Start times and Groups may be changed again after entries have closed.

Surname Order

Last Updated: 17Sep2020 10:20 (32/60)

30Oliver ALFORDWGSportsmanOpnKTM EXC 30010:30g
5Alf BENDALLWGSportsman>60Gas Gas 25010:30a
9Joe BENDALLWGExpertOpnGas Gas 30010:30b
14Fred BISHOPWGSportsmanY/CBeta Rev 8010:30c
15Harry BISHOPWGSportsmanY/DBeta Rev 8010:30c
8Ronan BOULTONNthExpertY/BBeta 12510:30b
28Owen CHISWELLWGSportsman>50Ossa 28010:30f
26Greg COLLINSWGSportsmanOpnGas Gas TXT 30010:30e
7Rhys DAVIESNthExpertY/BVertigo Vertical 12510:30b
3Amory FALCONERCHGClubman/ExpertOpnVertigo Combat 25010:30a
11Zachary ELLWAYWGSportsmanY/DOset 20 R 10:30c
25Ben FALCONERCHGSportsmanOpnScorpa 12510:30e
4Oliver GOODEWGExpertOpnTRS One RR 25010:30a
31Richard GWINNUTTGCSportsmanOpn,>50Montesa 4RT 26010:30g
27Adrian GWYNNEWGSports Plus>60Montesa 4RT 26010:30f
16Codey HANDLEYVotMCCConducted StandardY/COset 10:30d
6Josh HANDLEYLWDMCExpertY/AGas Gas 12510:30b
22Lee HOOKWGSportsmanOpnBeta EVO 12510:30e
2Peter HUGHESWGSportsman>60Gas Gas TXT 25010:30a
20Ben JAMESLWDMCConducted HardY/DOset 20 Lite 10:30c
12Edwyn JAMESLWDMCSportsmanY/CBeta 8010:30c
32Nathan JONESWGSportsmanOpnBeta Rev3 25010:30g
10George LYNCHNthExpertOpnVertigo Combat 25010:30b
29Rob MALLERSVClubman>50Sherco ST 25010:30f
23Shawn MAYWGSportsman>50Beta Rev3 20010:30e
21Enya-Rose PAYNEZ1Conducted StandardY/CBeta Rev 5010:30d
24Jeff SMITHWGSportsman>50Sherco 20010:30e
19Milly TILLINGSGCConducted StandardY/DOset 20 Lite 10:30d
13Aaron WATSONEarlSSportsmanY/CBeta EVO 8010:30c
18Ellyn WELCHGCConducted StandardY/DOset 36v 20 Lite 10:30d
1Matthew WELCHGCExpertOpnThunder Road - Montesa Cota 4RT 30010:30a
17Millie WELCHGCConducted StandardY/DOset 48v 10:30d