West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 67 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2020

September Trial - Pingry - 20 Sep 2020

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NOTE: Final results are now on the right. There were no updates to the actual scores from version 1 in the spreadsheet format.

We'd hoped to run this trial at the Stony Green venue if things had improved, but Forestry England had played safe and confirmed there were to be no events in 2020. However, our team agreed to use our Pingry venue with more space for parking and keeping riders apart. The entry limit was reduced and a clash with 2 other events nearby meant a reduced entry anyway so we had very little problem putting a safer event on.

Many of the riders were very pleased to find their rusty skills still existed and gave them a severe polishing as the marks seem to show it wasn't easy despite being safe and sensible.

Good to see a few new names out for a first time.



Were we safe running the event? The club's regs complied with the then current ACU guidance on dealing with the goverment's 'Rule of Six'. West Glos's Rule of 5's kept our group size even lower. We will be grouping riders together who come from same households/families as much as possible but our conducted route was away from the main sections to make it easier to manage the youth contingent.