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Stoney Green OTC Trial - 8 May 2005

Words by Ben Falconer & Colin, Photos by Colin Jones

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Results update: Apologies to Nick Draper Cotswold 125 who was best TwinShock rider on the alt route. The centre trials recorder will get an ammended copy so that his championship points are unaffected.

DEFRA's Single Payment Scheme rule had an unexpected knock-on effect on us at this year's Stoney Green, with surrounding clubs far afield having their events curtailed. Our entry was 100 strong. We had riders from the Cornish Centre and Guildford area.

Merv Morgan and his assistants plotted some superb sections, able to challenge some very good riders. He also kept the less able happy on the easy route. Results are being sorted as I write this so come back again for details.

Until then have a look at some of the photos down below and as a first (and possibly last) for this site we had a video clip of Simon Welch who was one of very few cleans at section 12.  (That's the one at the very top of the hill, presided over by Paul Gunter.) (Sadly, we need the space back so have removed it , but email us and we'll send it to you.)  Cinderford's Steve Grindle eventually cleaned the massive rock step but we only have a clip of him crashing to a 5.  

Video Clips available of: Jon Bliss, Stan Howitt, Martin Goodall, K Hancock, Nik Draper, M Shirley, Alf Bendall (x2), Matt Welch, Ross Hancock, Chris Haines, Simon Welch, Jake Evans, Steve Grindle, Ricky & Lee Wiggins, Frank Luther, Darryl Hopkins, Richard Fowler & B Gardner. email us to have any of these sent to you in WMV format, (Youth riders will only get sent to the Rider/Parents so confirm address as on entry form please.) PS. They are free!

Ben's Report

REIGNING Western Centre champion Simon Welch finished top of the pile of 102 riders who attempted to conquer the rocks and boulders of Stoney Green in the Forest of Dean.

Welch hopped, skipped and jumped his Beta over the three laps of 13 sections for the loss of 34 marks - a heavy total by usual championship standards, which pointed to the severity of the event even for the top runners.

Steve Grindle, who knows the terrain well, put his knowledge to good use to finish a little way off on 49.  He beat former Western Centre champion and British clubman trials champion Steve Workman, by one mark on Sunday, May 8. But not before a full blooded attempt at section 12, which saw bike and rider part company in some style. Undeterred, he cleaned section 12 on the last lap.

Having a crack at the same tough sections were several youngsters, including Ben Bowkett, who dropped 80 and J Benton who lost 95. Both were creditable performances when several ton-up scores were marked down.

West Glos and Dean Forest MCC's trial attracted a bumper entry largely because many events are under threat thanks to DEFRA's interpretation of European land legislation.

Topping a massive alternative route was youngster T Sands from Cornwall who lost just eight marks with a sensational ride.

Best inter was T Wheeler on 21, pipping Martyn Goodall by a mark. On the same route, the over 40 class was taken by Dave Morris on 32, who beat Jon Bliss by just three marks.

The happiest rider of the day must have been B Cobley, who won the easy route on 0.

Thanks to all observers and the Forestry Commission for making the event a success.

Results  and in detail spreadsheet format...

  • Standard route
  • 1. Simon Welch (Beta 270) 34 marks lost (Premier).
  • 2. Steve Grindle (Gas Gas 300) 49 (Best Expert).
  • 3. Steve Workman (Beta 270) 50.
  • Intermediate: L Hassal (Gas Gas 250) 101, M Welch (Beta 270) 103, J Welch (Beta 250) 111.
  • Youth A: J Benton 95.
  • Youth B: Ben Bowkett (Gas Gas 125) 80.
  • Alternative route
  • Intermediate: T Wheeler (Scorpa 250) 21, M Goodall (Gas Gas 250) 22, C Newman (Gas Gas 300) 32.
  • Novice: Michael Hughes (Gas Gas 270) 30 (26 cleans), R Lomas (Sherco 290) 30 (23 cleans), T Hinkley 53.
  • Over 40: Dave Morris (Gas Gas 300) 32, John Bliss (Cotswold 250) 35, R Fowler (Sherco 290) 38. 
  • Youth B: T Sands (Gas Gas 125) 8, A Hall (Gas Gas 125) 32, L Handcock (Gas Gas 125) 35.
  • Twin shock: Nick Draper (Cotswold 125) 16
  • Easy route
  • Novice: B Cobley (Beta 250) 0, A Mills (Beta 270) 6 (furthest clean), M Christopher (Montesa 250) 6.
  • Over 40: E Hinkley (Montesa 250) 14, K George (Gas Gas 270) 18.
  • Trail: Stan Howitt (Yamaha 225) 33, Darren Thomas (Yamaha 225) 90.
  • Youth B: G Baldwin (Gas Gas 250) 40.
  • Newcomer: O Mayo (Yamaha 250) 10.