West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 71 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2024

Club History

This club came into being on the 15th January 1953. A lot of stuff has happened over those years.

We have many items stored from our past. Some with our club archivist Matt Neale and many more in the hands of our members. Over time we may prepare some for public presentation here. Should you have a Programme/Results/Photos/Cine Film/Video or even just plain old anecdotes that should be recorded, or even the fact that you have such a thing, then please Contact us

(Incidentally, if you would like to investigate more general history about our Forest then you must go to the SunGreen website.)

One of the best resources for an overall view of the Club's History is the 50th anniversary do report.Wilf Parker 1950 - One of our Founder Members

The best resource for our recent history will always be the Events Calendar. However that could take a while scanning through if you don't know a date, so we will try to categorise some of the likely topics here to aid access. Some of these links will have links within them. e.g. Wyegate Trial will always have a link to Previous Wyegates.

Trials: Boxing Day Trial, Stony Green Trial, The Old Hendre Trail Bike Trial, The Wyegate Trial, Sidecargate and also available, DVD's from Roger Baldwin's fabulous Betamax archive.

Grass Track: I guess we should speak to Jim.

Motocross (Scrambles): Scrambles and Motocross Page

Enduros: We have a Video of the Coalrun Timecard Enduro from 1989.

Hill Climb: Stump Wood Hill Climb

Gymkhana and Motoball: Moped Mayhem

Social Events: Treasure Hunt, Annual Sporting Review, Celebrity Talks, Transport Festival Displays, Articles contains all our Trail ride reports plus major trips.

Other Events harder to categorise: Navigational Event (Border 100)

People: For anything that doesn't fit in any of the above. People Page