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Celebrating 66 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2019

Rod Jones' Treasure Hunt - 27 May 2003

Words Colin Jones

Rod took us from Monmouth around more castles than you could shake a sword at and certainly more than most of us realised existed.  On the way we were given the opportunity to use Unclassified County Roads at Tregare, Wayne Green, Grosmont, Welsh Newton Common, Marstow and that nice flat one out by Bryngwyn.

Jules and Clare Bishop used those skills that are only acquired through years and years and years (You know what I mean Birthday boy!) of experience to get most points, leaving the rest of us floundering with flapping maps and unfathomable GPS's. Of course Cliff and Mar were just holding back to avoid running the next one! Jason Bennett wasn't up to his weekend form after his fifth place in the Adrian Ellis Enduro. The rest of us perhaps weren't trying hard enough what with the wonderful views to see from the back road from Cross Ash to Grosmont where we could watch the Sun sliding down behind Lord Hereford's Knob (It's a legitimate peak name, honest!) and reminiscing about the old motocross (Scramble) track that used to be up on the side of the hill.

Many tales were told in the King-of-Spain later, about who's road tyre mark was in the mud at Tregare and Who's bottom was exposed at Wayne Green and did Ian follow Matt or vice versa, and if that was a joint operation how come they couldn't copy their answers correctly?

Roll on the next one I say!  Well done Rod.