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Sidecargate Trial - 9 Oct 2011

Words by Colin

Again we failed to attract any sidecars for the, alleged, easier version of the Wyegate just so chairs could fit the sections. Never mind, Ian and Stan plotted some sensible ones for the select entry. There was a really friendly relaxed atmosphere with free bacon roll at the start before a trundle down to the first group of sections at Forge Wood.

With the first 3 sections up on the ridge the riders had a nice warm up, concentrating on remembering where to go as they were pretty long but produced mostly cleans, well, Nick was always going to struggle with the KTM, he knew what he was in for when he got rid of the Pampera!

The riders moved along a bit to Maggie's section which was a literally dazzling climb up some loose rocks straight into the sun, you never think of that when you lay out these sections do you.

I missed the next few sections while sweeping markers with Rod, but met up with mostly happy bunnies ready for the move to Lord's Grove and 5 more sections. The dry climbs were not stealing the marks here like they normally would. Next came a trip over the border and up to the famous Wixon's Rocks for lunch. Carol was ready for us with tea and cakes in the barn. A spot of fettling was required for a few with Dave Eeles looking at a slow and Goff reconstructing his back end. Of course, with time to relax came the inevitable discussion of who was on what score. John Jacka had a wry grin as he was the only one still clean after 15 sections. Keith had dropped a one. Goff and Ben had dropped 3 and 4 solitary dabs respectively.

Everyone now refreshed, they headed down to Ian's evil new section, first used last year and with a reputation for eating crankcases! With lots of beard scratching going on it was Paul Farley who had the bottle to be first and alerted the others this was not going to be easy. Various lines and methods were tried at the first series of rocks, all proving stoppers, until Goff launched the not inconsiderable mass of his Ariel at a startling pace and bossed it through and up to the exit where, as you can see from the 2 shots on the right, he placed the wheels in the right line but forgot to get his body over the bike, the impossible leg stretch meant he too fived. Keith Wells was watching and took note but with less bike mass could take a more direct line and appeared to float through with one miserly dab to demoralise his opposition in the trail bike class.

The next section was Hippo Rock, many will know this one from the Wyegate. Ian had plotted an easier route here with no silly turns, presumably because he was feeling guilty about the previous section! don't count on it. It was the third section that was surprisingly difficult. with a choice to make, either up on the grass bank to allow an easy turn to follow the stream up or ride up through the mud with unknown depth and turn with your back wheel still in it. Paul Farley showed the way again with the best ride for a dab until goff went for the mud route and cleaned it. John Jacka had to prod his way out here which put Goff on a tie and the pressure was on.

The 2 remaining stream sections always need a spirited attempt as rocks move under your wheels but width is a problem and you can't veer off line. Keith has been here before and wriggled his Pamp beating XL185 through to clean both. Goff and John did too for the first one but the narrow turn in the second is a different beast for wide classic crankcases. Possibly too much caution meant John prodded for a 3 but Goff gave himself a good talking to with a 'come on' and cleaned the turn then dropped a dopey one right by my camera. I should have taken the shot just to wind him up, but miss-timed it. Interestingly, the stream was looking very green and un ridden so when Ian came to a halt here, he clearly hadn't been practising it enough, or is the Triumph crankcase wider?

One more section below Ian's yard to finish this group and a change to a bit of nadgery. John cleans it so Goff tries the same and regrets not planting a cautionary dab which he could have afforded. With 2 dropped they are back to a tie again. I couldn't stand the excitement so went home early for a rest leaving the riders to finish off with some easier sections at Tony's Wood, Barn Lane and Coxbury.

There weren't many battles settled in the last few, but the Worgan brothers were still undecided. Martin was winning by 1 then Nick fives the first in Tony's Wood and thinks he's blown it as martin gets a 3, but 2 sections later Martin has everything going everywhere with 2 threes in succession and is now 1 mark the wrong side of Nick. Who is holding the Worgan Cup so far this year guys?

You can scan the results for yourself. But the short version is that John Jacka will get the coveted Bush Shield for the Pre65 win thanks to most cleans deciding the tie with Goff. And Keith Wells Wins the Premier - now all he has to do is win the Wyegate too, where he has been the nearly man too many times. Yeah, but with that bike, he's been the moral victor more than once in my mind.

In only a few weeks time we have another easy trial aimed at Novices and trail bikes but this time all on private land and more mud I suspect. Have a look here.