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Sidecargate Trial - 17 Oct 2010

Words by BenF

Startor - The SologateIan Wixon

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RIDERS mounted on a wide range of machinery enjoyed highlights of one of the toughest long distance trials in the country.

The Sidecargate Trial has been run since the feared Wyegate Trial proved too hard for three-wheelers but the latest edition turned in to a "Wyegate Lite" for solos.

Thanks to a dates clash with another event, no sidecar crews entered the conducted trial, which started from the Royal Forest Inn at Mile End, Coleford.Andrew Weddle

It meant the support classes became the main attraction, and a select entry enjoyed the conducted trial around some classic Wyegate country in fine  weather.

They also enjoyed attempting sections which usually provide a stiff test for Wyegate competitors following a wet winter, in better conditions.

Forge Wood and Lord's Grove always take marks in the Wyegate but on Sunday they acted as looseners before the riders headed to the first test of the day - Wixon's Rocks.

This group of sections based in rocky gullies has quickly built up a fearsome reputation amongst Wyegate competitors, and pre-65 winner Ian Wixon has found another new section.

The first in the group, it started in a flat stream bed which gave way to a jumble of rocks about 4ft high and headed left, only to take riders right, through a tricky collection of rocks.

The rocks' owner showed the way with a committed ride for three marks lost, followed by Panther-mounted Andrew Weddle, whose big cat's gearbox suffered terminal damage on the rocks and forced him out.Ian Wixon again

This section took more fives than any other. Ben Falconer recorded an emphatic maximum here, though Martin Worgan forced his way through pragmatically for three marks lost.

The rest of the sections in the group were more familiar to Wyegate competitors, who revelled in the chance to take another look at them before the 28th edition of that event next year.

Riders and officials meandered back via The Craig, Tony's Wood, and Rookery Lane to the finish.

Thanks to all the travelling officials, and landowners for their generous support.