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CANCELLED Boxing Day @ Pingry Trial 2020

Words by Ed.
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Event is now CANCELLED - It is extremely hard to have a positive view of us finding a date to run safely in any near future so we have now refunded all entries. We all very much want to run an event. It will happen, just when! Stay safe and make sure you and yours will be fit, well and there to ride when we can run again.

The following was original info.

We are at the moment aiming to run as we did for our September Trial at Pingry on 20th Sep but this time we hope to have section Observers, in which case we will have some slightly different rules but still groups of 5. If we don't get enough it will be groups of 5 with one as observer as per the regs.

Chief Marshal Darren Thomas has managed to gathering enough potential Observer's names, please keep him up to speed if your circumstances change. Or email me your number for me to pass on to him using admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

If you do enter then please remember to check back here before you leave home as there may be a different entrance to use and Boris may meddle with the rules again!

This is a No spectators event to help keep us all safe.