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Club History - Scrambles 1976


Want to see the 1976 Entry List? - Words by Colin Jones

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You can see Stan in there somewhere, plus a teenage Jimmy Simpson from Horage Farm, one of our previous Scramble and Trials venues. A few others to spot are: Jim 'Baggy' Lewis, Spike Howells, Brian Nash, Neil Lucas, The Pickerings and from further a field: Bryan Wade, Andy Roberton, Ivan Miller, Randy Owen, Mike Church, Neil Hudson and a pre-CCM Bob Wright.

The cover Photo is of Phil Remnant otherwise known as Wilbur, Boilersuit or Bert! on a Bultaco Pursang Mk8.

(We set our resident Bultaco experts, the Falconers, the task of deciding which Bulto Bert was riding. Their definitive answer (kind of): It definitely has the back end of a Mk8 but a Mk6 or 7 tank. What threw us was the Mk2 front mudguard. So it is most likely a Mk8.)

We've scanned in the entry list for easier reading. If anyone else has old programmes or results could we please borrow them to create a really good archive for everyone to view please?

Some of the Officials were:

  • Club Steward - R Cleevely
  • wilbur
  • Clerk of the Course - John Cecil
  • Secretary of Meeting - Barry Smith
  • Machine Examiners - M McLean and Kay Remnant
  • Starter - Bryan Grindle
  • Chief Marshal - Alf Bendall
Entry List
No. Name Machine Town
1.Mike Brown400 MaicoBadminton
2.Heneage Brooke580 C.C.M.Dursley
3.Clive Smith250 HuskyBristol
4.Jim Simpson250 BultacoLydney
5.Andy Roberton250/360 MontesaKnighton (E)
6.Richard Jackson250 A.J.S.Newent
7.Brian Nash400 CZColeford
8.Michael Jurgens250 BultacoCheltenham
9.Mike Stephens400 MaicoHereford (E)
10.Steve Derrick250 K.T.M.Bristol
11.Les Lloyd250/360 Kelly K.T.M.Abingdon (E)
12.CarlTyler370 BultacoHardwicke
13.Chris Bryan250 SuzukiHanham (E)
14.Steven Knight400 HusqvarnaBristol
15.Grenville Gardner250 KawasakiFrampton
16.John Bennett250 BultacoNewent
17.Timothy Jenkins250 BultacoColeford
18.Mike Lewis500 C.C.M.Patchway
19.Gordon Leigh250/400 SuzukiBristol
20.Martyn Maisey250 BultacoWroughton
21.Jeff Yap250 BultacoMalvern
22.Laurence Pearman400 CZThrupp
23.Bryan Wall400 MaicoRedditch
24.Colin Chapman250 MontesaChippenham
25.Mike Brown250 OssaOldland
26.Jeremy Askew400 HusqvarnaColeford
27.Roger Goldsworthy400 MaicoBath
28.Andy Wyatt360 HusqvarnaHengrove
29.John Williams370 Suzuki 250 A.J.S.Stratford
30.Dave Brunsdon400 C.Z.Redmarley
31.Richard Palmer360 K.T.M.Oldland
32.Dave Holyoake250 MontesaPresbury
33.Nigel Wootton400 MaicoMarston
34.George Nicholls200 Triumph 380 C.Z.Staunton
35.Graham Knight400 YamahaNewark
36.Paul Joyner360 BultacoMinchinhampton
37.Robert Clifford250 OssaCheltenham
38.Peter Bullock250 BultacoLonghope
39.Richard Fowler360 BultacoMalvern
40.Robin James250 HuskyLeominster
41.Alastair Morris250 HuskyLeominster
42.Robin Lewis250 Bells HusqvarnaLeominster
43.Dave Rumbold460 HuskyFilton
44.Kelvin Pickering250 A.J.S.Ross
45.J. Brunsdon500 C.C.M.Calne
46.Tim Stowe400 MaicoWellesbourne (E)
47.Jim Lewis400 K.T.M.St.Briavels
48.Paul Chandler250 HuskyGloucester
49.C. Brunston400 MaicoTibberton
50Richard Jones400 S.M.C.Z.Ledbury
51.Colin Daines250 KawasakiMalmesbury
52.Clive Gardiner400 Brett MaicoCheltenham (E)
53.Malcolm Rimes500 B.S.A.Cirencester
54.Brian Hayes400 Cheney HuskyCirencester
55.Mike Gleed500 B.S.A.Cirencester
56.Clive James500 C.C.M.Cirencestei
57.Bill Gaiter360 BultacoKingswood
58.Andy Bubb370 BultacoMaisemore
59.Andy Yost250 Bultaco/400 HuskyBristol
60.Pip Peasgood250 SuzukiWestbury
61.John Meaden400 MaicoWarminster
62.Pete Larner250 F.B. A.J.S.Corsham
63.Alec Leverton250 MaicoBicester
64.Martin Sharp250 BultacoMalmesbury
65.Roy Turner370 BultacoStonehouse (E)
66.Michael Allen400 YamahaLondon
67.Ed Saul400 MaicoBicester
68.Paul Hunt400 MaicoOttershaw
69.Dave Moore370 SuzukiBristol
70.Anthony Stephens400 MaicoBlandford
71.Ivan Miller250/360 BultacoThames Ditton (E)
72.Mike Humphrey400 MaicoBristol (E)
73.Mike Tullit400 C.Z.Bristol
74.Steve Humphrey380 GestikeBristol
75.Gerry Cushen250 K.T.M.Lydney
76.Barry Williams360 BultacoMalvern
77.Layne Summers250/370 BultacoAberdare
78.Peter Walker400 MaicoWarmley
79.Anthony Alvis460 HuskyChippenham
80.Graham Warr400 SuzukiMalmesbury
81.Mervyn Harris250 BultacoSandford
82.Graham Kibble250 OssaMitcheldean
83.Rob Allen372 SuzukiBerkeley (E)
84.Dennis Evans500 J.B.R.Llanbradach
85.Rob Smith400 HuskyGloucester
86.Roy Hooper370 B.V.M. SuzukiStroud (E)
87.Mike Wilcox400 C.Z.Hereford (E)
88.Brian Wilcox250/400 OssaHereford (E)
89.Steven Wilcox250 OssaFilton
90.Randy Owen400 CZHereford (E)
91.Jon Hall250 MaicoBridgewater
92.Les Jones400 MaicoLedbury
93.L. Jones400 HuskyHereford
94.Simon Twinberrow400 MaicoBroadwas
95.Dave Tomasik250/400 C.Z.Hereford
96.Terry Price400 C.Z.Usk
97.Mike Curley460 HuskyWhitchurch
98.Dave Burry370 BultacoLedbury
99.Derek Tyndall250 BultacoNailsworth
100.Jamie Medlock250 GreevesDursley
101Keith Marsh460 HuskyChew Magna
102Colin Marsh360 HuskyChew Magna
103Nick Toms250/400 D.H. MaicoDursley
104.Terry Dyer250/370 BultacoEastbourne
105Rob Donaldson370 SuzukiBasingstoke
106.Roger Stevens400 MaicoCheltenham
107.Andy Philpotts250 MontesaHereford
108.D.James250 Ossa/400 C.Z.Mitcheldean
109.Gerard Copping250 C.Z.Ross
110.Neil Lucas400 C.Z.Ross
111.Spike Howells250 C.Z.Lydney
112.Simon Jones400 C.Z.Hay-on-Wye
113.Jon Bliss250 Montesa/400 C.Z.Gloucester
114.Roy Bradley500 Matchless MettisseTuffley
115.Dave Brown360 HuskyTytherington (E)
116.Terry Barry250 BultacoSouth Cerney
117.Adrian Smith370 BultacoGloucester (E)
118.Andy Nurden500 C.C.M.Malmesbury (E)
119.lan Nurden250 KawasakiMalmesbury
120.Steve Hitchman400 MaicoCheltenham
121.Richard Hall370 BultacoCheltenham
122.Richard Goddard400 MaicoLongdon (E)
123.Mike Pearce250/360 BultacoSunbury (E)
124.Mike Sealey400 MaicoRudgeway (E)
125.Mike Mayers250 A.J.S.Coleford
126Roger Bailey250/386 MaicoCheltenham
127.Chris Clark250/360 YamahaPetworth (E)
128.Mike Church370 SuzukiCheppenham (E)
129.Bryan Wade250/370 SuzukiStonehouse (E)
130.Alan Ward250 MontesaSutton Coldfield
131.Vaughan Semmens250/370 BultacoBrownhills (E)
132.Keith Ree250 KawasakiEvesham
133.Neil Hudson250/400 MaicoBristol (E)
134.Brian Winter360 HuskyRugeley (E)
135.Bob Wright400 MaicoBlackburn (E)
136.Paul Harrison250/400 K.T.M.Market Harborough
137.Chris Clark370 BVM SuzukiNailsworth (E)
138Rob Taylor250/400 K.T.M.Bristol (E)