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Fred Rist Trial August 2012

Words by Colin

Provisional results are out. I'm too embarrassed to write a report after my excellent results....Correct - 'embarrassed' is the only true bit. I pulled out (fell) after loosing the front brake and unfortunatley dragged my minder, Roy, with me.

However, the results from the more succesful WG entrants show Ian Wixon won his class by a whisker, from Goff who actually beat Ian on the special test, but that would only be used if furthest cleans etc. could not decide and Ian claimed 4 more than Goff.

Sam Wilson claimed a second in the non-championship class

Henry claimed a 5th in the Championship which I think means he retains his 2nd place in the series with 41, one point in front of Paul Sargent and trailing 16 behind Julian Page.

Alf couldn't take the pressure of having to thrash the young 'uns again after the Morkot and let Joe and Mike Hughes off with a caution.

It looks like the rest of us are dotted about the results, but I'm betting we all had a great time despite the marks lost. It is always nice to see the natural sections in superb terrain the Neath club come up with. And how they managed to hold the rain off for most of the day I don't know.

Feel free to add your own sound bites or full reports, after all, I didn't get to see all the sections.