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The Ivor Morkot Long Distance Trial - 2012

Report by Colin and RoyB.

Update: The overall ACU Championship results show updated results with Henry reinstated which shows him running third in the series.)

The Caerphilly club's ever popular Ivor Morkot Trial (yes that is the correct spelling) always attracts a big West Glos contingent for a great day's trail riding and this was the second round of this year's ACU Trailbike Championship.

Before the start Henry Bendall was 3rd in the championship behind Gary Marshman and Julian Page with Gavin Moore, Mike Hughes, Paul Sargant and Joe Bendall just behind. This all came from the CHG's Sphinx Trial. Many of these guys rode our Wyegate, which wasn't a round, and showed there is a lot of variation with pecking order. The top riders all make mistakes now and then but these LDTs are reliability trials so you can't afford to make any errors and have to have all eventualities covered. It is not just the sections you battle with. You can't afford to get lost and you have to mend any damage while on route as you are often far from anywhere. You also have to plan your food intake and the bikes fuel intake too. And all on a bike you could be riding to work on Monday morning.

Our club president Roy gave me a run down on why he didn't win the Morkot. It was the same old problem, having to mind for your son and his mate Sam. Well, since when did minding involve burying your bike in the deepest bog then walking away and leaving Robbie to get it out?

Well Robbie is still young, he's got energy to spare. However, losing a miserly dab before arriving at the last few sections wasn't a good strategy for a certain win, and there were a few others in possibly the same boat so the hillclimb was a good test that had to be cleaned. Sadly robbie didn't and lost a 1. Never mind, on to the last section and Robbie trying to ignore the pressure of riding round with friend Sam who in only his third trial, was only a few marks off, plus a pensioner dad who has the ability to snatch a clean when Robbie fluffs it. No, you just don't want any more pressure. So, who should be at the last section ready and waiting but a bunch of mates lead by Rowan Sorrell, hugely respected in the mountainbike world for both track building and riding talents. I bet the plan was to send Sam in first to wear the mickey-takers down. Sam runs the gauntlet and drops a dab. More pressure on Robbie. OK, 'lets face the barrage' he thinks, and drops his third and final mark for the day, so things can't get any worse, its over now! Never forget Roynon! Now let's put this in perspective, Rob and Sam had the 2 Beta Alp 200's and Roy had drawn the short straw for the, admittedly now lower geared, Sherco 125 trailbike but when he plods through the section on a whisper of throttle (What do you mean it couldn't brake traction if it tried!) and Cleans it! that ensures another barrage of mickey-taking.

Sadly Rob and Sam will have to miss the next round at the superb Fred Rist LDT at Neath.

I have a provisional set of results in front of me, (Thanks Carl) which says tons of West Glos members had excellent results but mentioning just our local riders, Rob and Alf finished on 3 which seems to make them 3rd equal....Yes, I did say Alf and not Henry or Joe (Dads Rule OK!)

Joe dropped 7, Sam dropped 8, Mike Hughes 9 then Henry on 11 (updated now to the 3 he thought he'd dropped.)

There were non-championship classes too and West Glos took 1st and second in the pre65 Sprung with Ian on 11 and Goff on 14 tie-ing with Colin Hedges. Roy came 5th in the over 45's. and Nick Worgan came third in what effectively is the Enduro class. Oh, and Henry, Joe and Mike took 2nd in the team awards.

Stan was enjoying a good ride until his gearbox started playing up so dnf'd.

Round 3 is coming up down at Neath, hope you've all got your entries in!