West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 66 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2019

Mountain Top Enduro 2009

Reports by: Anthony Moore.

An entry of just 68 starting from The Arch rear Devils Bridge meant a relaxed nature to the event, with limited damage between each lap and no bottlenecks. The 25 mile lap included a special test right at the start with varied going, grassy switchbacks, ruts in the woods, and single track. This check was the majority of the lap and the going throughout was demanding stuff. Some descents through the trees found you gaining speed over the roots when all you wanted to do was slow down! There were climbs of similar nature, and also several long steep shale climbs that you dare not stop on. Some of the route we had ridden on the Welsh, and some on the Tarenig Rally, but these were the easier bits. When Pete and myself reached the 1st check I said to him "we will be doing well to finish this" even though it was dry.

At the end of the 2nd lap I had polished off 2 litres of Camel Bak, but thankfully had another litre in a bottle at the refuelling area to absorb on lap 3! Pete came in with a very painful ankle, having caught it on a root twisting it through 90 degrees! He decided to call it a day - damage limitation!

Lap 3 seemed to flow better and during the 1st check I saw 2 bikes! The middle check was timed to be tight and the allowance dropped from 14 minutes on the 1st lap (where I had 2 minutes spare) to just 9 mins on lap 3!

With ruts, roots and forestry it was hard to get going until you reached the last part which was a long swoopy hard packed single track - magic! I did all I could to try and clean it with arms and legs dangling everywhere in the ruts, but I still dropped a minute, which I wasn't unhappy with.

Even though it was hard going, for me it had to be one of the most enjoyable events this year, and it was good to ride an enduro where the check times mattered as well as the test. It's well worth looking out for next year. I hope 68 riders was enough to make it worthwhile for the club.