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Foxwell Enduro 2010

Words by Ian Vessey

Update: Vess got a 10th despite losing time!

I didn't do the Corinium this year so decided to do the Foxwell Fling in September instead. Much the same going as the Corinium, but designed as a Clubman/Sportsman event with no experts. For Clubmen, this was to be 6 laps, the first 3 included a road crossing where bikes had to be stopped and pushed across, to a special test timed on laps 2 and 3. laps 4, 5 and 6 were shorter, having the test cut out. Total event time nearly 5 hrs.

The weather was perfect, the ground was a bit moist but not wet or particularly slippery, which it can very easily be in Cirencester Park.

I had a bit of a wobbly start. 100yrds into the woods on a narrow twisty path, I shut the throttle to turn between some trees, but the engine kept going - I forgot - still on choke - went straight on and punted the tree in front. After that bit of embarrassment - there's always an audience isn't there - the little Gasser ran perfect - felt like a trials bike compared to the 525 I last used in this venue!

There was spare time on the first 3 laps but the last 3 were a bit tight. On lap 5 I started to get de-hydrated so lost time stopping to take on fluids. Apart from that, a cracking ride round. It actually felt harder than the Corinium! There was certainly no rest to be found on the course.