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Corinium 2009

Report by: Ian Vessey

The forecast for the weekend hadn't been good, and we had significant rain on Friday night. So put that with my recent disappointment at the Snowrun a couple of weeks back and I wasn't exactly enthusiastic on the morning of April 26th 2009 at Cirencester Park. However, it appeared that the new plug and cap had sorted the belligerant little beast, my ancient and not-as-trusty-as-it-used-to-be-200, and the first few miles of the 2009 Corinium gave us a taste of what was to be a perfect day's ride. Apart from a bit of dust (can't really complain about dust at the Corinium can I?) the going was just about perfect.

Gavin was on my minute so I rode around with him for most of the day, and every lap we were hunted down by Martin and James who were a minute behind us. We saw Steve Biddle on the second lap, hurt his shoulder and had a trip to Cirencester hospital, so that ended his day. It's a fairly long and intense ride for us poor clubmen though, 4 laps of 20 miles, in and out the trees.

I thought I was struggling on my 'old' bike, but hats off to Andrew Weddle who did better than me on a truly ancient air-cooled twin-shock KTM 125. Brilliant day out!

Update: Now the results are out we can see Martin Howitt really had the bit between his teeth and was our best local member with excellent test times.