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Corinium 2007

Rider's reports (And Excuses!): Vess


IMG_4077This Corinium was the 28th or 29th, so you would be surprised to see someone on the entry list who was entered on the first one too! It was Jim Delahay. Jim left the Greeves 250 at home this time and rode the CRF230 to a penalty free finish and 11th in class then finished with a pleasant picnic in the park with Pam and Friends after. Somewhere I've got a copy of the first results sheet for that first one, I'll dig it out and put it here later.

IMG_4100Steve Biddle came in tops out of our guys with 9th in the Clubmen, next were Steve Venn from the CHG mob, Darren Woodley, Gavin Bailey, Tom Lee. Vess punctured and wrecked his tyre. Tom was cheesed off about some missing tape that lead him off on a wrong track in test 2 pushing him way down in the Silvers, however, his 1st test would have been good enough for a gold. Next Time...

The Sportsmen class saw Jim Delahay then Dave Pinney and Glenn Thomas, though the results tell a different story compared to Glenn's tale, so we'll believe the results as they are less disappointing! There were a number of our Sporting Wyegate members out too, James French had a good ride as did Sam Wilson. Andrew Weddle and Duncan Shaw.

One other disappointment for the day was Ben Falconer's first ride on the 'Blutaco'. The beast fired up and launched him around for a few miles then proceeded to complain about the heat or something as the carburation was not right. Eventually Ben gave up and got towed back in. As his Dad said 'this is a shakedown for the Welsh' so hopefully an answer can be found before June.

IMG_4122Tom Lee must have known about the weather conditions for the Corinium as he spent the previous week in hot South Africa acclimatising for the sun. Well, actually, on a school cricket tour, so it probably was cooler at Cirencester!

In our full Gallery we have caught Tom grabbing too much front brake thanks to a Camera Motor drive, He did get away with it though. We also have a shot of a tree that Jim pushed over with his shoulder. We also have a shot of the eventual winner, Andy Frost, getting his braking wrong. He lost 5 seconds here riding through the undergrowth to get back on track. Strangely enough, our own Glenn made the same mistake but he was going much faster and went much further off the track. (Video Evidence - I bet that will cost me five in the trailbike trial! ed.). There is a shot of Steve weaving through the trees with 3 riders behind him. These guys were steaming all day chasing Steve. You could hear the group coming easily as they were always on full noise!

Vess Says

The weather was perfect, the ground was dry, everything was set for an excellent day's ride. Went round the first lap with no hassles at all, then on the second lap, second test - puncture. B#@@#$ús! By the time I'd got back to the start, the rim tape was hanging out and the tyre looked very second-hand (it wasn't exactly new to start with anyway). So that was the end of that. I bet it rains next year.