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Stump Wood Hill Climb - 12 June 2010

words by: Colin Jones. And Ben Falconer

Henry learns to Slide a Trail BikeGood ol' mother nature did us proud with perfect weather for a fun event at Roy's. Provisional Results are up. Tell me if I've mis-read anything. admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk

Andy Tillings and Jackie had their Cameras out so we should have some good shots to show later. I've got some Video which will take a while to edit but Ben Falconer was on the ball and at the 'jump competition' at the top of Glenn's hill and has already put on YouTube. See Henry fly a Pamp and Arran's Hedge hitting finale - well, nearly.

Ben's Press Report

EXPERIENCE triumphed over youth at the West Glos and Dean Forest MCC annual Stump Wood hillclimb on Saturday.

Dan Bishop is around twice Nathan Etheridge's age, but at Saturday's fun event at Monmouth, less than a second separated them.

The Coleford trials, enduro and motocross expert's total elapsed time over four attempts at each of the four timed hills came in at 306.65 seconds.

New enduro expert Etheridge clocked a total of 307.61 seconds, and as both went clean on the two observed sections, top honours went to Bishop. Attempt-for-attempt, Bishop won nine of 16, and proved slightly more consistent.

In third was another youngster and last year's winner, Arran Wells, who finished less than four seconds behind Etheridge. Those seconds may have been accounted for by some considerable time his KTM spent in the air. He and trail class winner Henry Bendall appeared to be trying to win the unofficial prize for jumping hangtime at the exit of hill three. Though mounted on a trailbike, trials expert Bendall finished fifth overall.

Henry's dad Alf borrowed his Montesa trials bike, and won the trials class.

*Henry wasn't quick enough to win the following day at Gloucester and Cotswold MC's John Husband Team Trial however. He, Darren and Stefan Walters, Matthew Christopher and Matthew Welch finished on no marks lost on observation but Welch was fastest on the timed special test tie-breaker.

The team of Jake Hoare, Ron Walters and Tom Hinkley won the John Husband memorial trophy at Maisemore on Sunday, with a total score of 22.

West Glos and Dean Forest MCC Stump Wood Hillclimb Results.

  • Open class 1. Dan Bishop (KTM EXC200) 306.65 seconds.
  • 2. Nathan Etheridge (KTM EXC250) 307.61.
  • 3. Arran Wells (KTM EXC250) 311.52.
  • Trail class Henry Bendall (Gas Gas Pampera 250) 328.92.
  • Trials class Alf Bendall (Montesa 4RT 250) 352.34.