West Glos & Dean Forest
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Snowrun Enduro 8th February 2015

Words - Anth Moore

The Moore Report

After selling both demo bikes since putting my entry in, it was time to get big brother's CRF230 diddy bike out. It started pretty much straight away having been stood since last year's Wyegate and still hanging in mud from it. I had to wait for a spider to wander out before refitting a cleaned filter, fitted some tyres and backgrounds and it was ready.

As we approached Llandovery it was minus 3 but having talked to James Wilden at the start he'd just helped course open in a race shirt and MX gloves. I took his advice, left my jacket with the fuel and put some thin gloves on. I was warm all day! The fire roads were fine in the sun and sheet ice in the shade, and I can't remember riding this event feeling relieved to get back on the single track.

My start time was 4 mins before Mike, Pete and Denver who were all on the same minute, so I knew I couldn't hang around too much, but we had to do 4 laps of about 20 miles. The gravel roads were slick on lap 1, thawed a bit then seemed to freeze up again by lap 3 Half way into check 2 and a horrible scraping sound and the next minute I was walking back down a fire road fetching the chain. Mike and Pete were soon there but luckily the joining link had broke in two and I had one that fitted.

The bike was fine for the rest of the day, but could have done with some higher foot pegs for the frozen ruts. I can't remember having so many "moments" without actually coming off.

It was a really good and varied course, with no hold ups even in these conditions, and enjoyable as always.