West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

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Snowrun Enduro 4th February 2007

Report by Ben Falconer

The club was well represented at the WTRA Snowrun Enduro at Crychan forest on February 4, both with riders and officials.

Julian Bish' scrutineered my bike and Vess, who'd given up his ride owing to his domestically-acquired injury, handed out the raffle tickets to those who had survived Julian's rigorous technical inspection.

And Taff apparently was busy with his chainsaw on the second lap, filling in a ditch with logs - to provide an alternative route round a snotty bit, where brothers Thomas, Glenn and Simon were busy re-directing the likes of me. Thanks boys!

There were some riders from WGDF too. Ben Bish' took up a late entry and not surprisingly brought his dad's bike to clubman victory in decisive fashion, against a pretty strong field of clubbies.

Steve Biddle ramped the XR400 round quicker than many more up to date bits of kit, including mine, on the clubman schedule of three laps.

With easy going (for a Snowrun) due to lack of rain, I coasted round clean on time in the clubman class. But I also coasted through the special tests, not wanting to do myself a mischief with such a glut of great events coming up in the next couple of months. That made me last of those clean on time!

Others went a bit quicker, most notably the seven championship riders, who caught up the clubmen on the third lap, while they were on their fourth of five. It was real pleasure to observe, for not very long, just how quick these boys are.

Western Centre characters well known to the club had varying fortunes. Guy M-S was forced to ram the pipe back on to the cylinder of his 125 KTM after grounding it on a stump but he still lost no time.

And Dave Johnson left his Gas Gas 200 at home and prised hi son's 125 KTM off him, to great effect.

Steve Venn and Sam Wilson found the sportsman class to their liking.

Andrew Weddle's CZ ran out of electricity, sadly, but Chris Harvey's PE went the distance.

Thanks to WTRA for a great day out and organising some decent weather.