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Celebrating 64 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2017

Club Enduro & Rally Championship - 2017

Words: Rod Jones.


Update: Yes, we know the scoring methods are loaded towards more frequent rides rather than fastest but this is what we have for this year (Just think yourselves lucky Roger Holland hasn't had time to join yet this year!)

Facebook - there is a closed group frequented by some of the combatants. Try this link. NB: You do not 'have' to join this group, we will try to keep you up to speed on this public page where information about the championship should be found. (ed.)

Following discussion at the AGM concerning the awards at the Sporting Review Dinner which were predominantly trials orientated I am organising a club championship with awards for Enduro and Rally competitors.

Get Involved - For this first year points will be awarded to any West Glos (Paid up members!) entered rider at 10 points for 1st club finisher down to 1 point for 10th or any lower finisher, double points for 2 day events. Claims to me supported by results. If it all goes well Ill use the events represented in the points claims as a basis for a championship with nominated events in 2018. Points can be claimed from 1st Jan 2017 to 31st Dec 2017. Any questions and Id be pleased to answer. Cheers, Rod. (email: rodmonmouth@hotmail.co.uk)

Current Standings

Last Updated: 30Aug2017

RiderSnowrun EnduroCeri EnduroBrechfa RallyCorinium EnduroTour of Portugal RallyRhayader H&HAlvington H&HWelsh 2 DayRyedale RallyPowys EnduroBeacons 2 Day RallyTot
Mick Wells1020 20 2070
Mike Allen9918 101864
Denver Rollings101010820 DNF 58
Ian Wixon8916   33
Peter Neale149 23
Rod Jones1616
Steve Cooper10    10
Anthony Moore10     10
Ian Vessey8 8
Gavin Bailey7    7
Ben Falconer