West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 66 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2019

Getting Info onto our Website

Any item of interest to our club members may be submitted in (Generally) whatever format you can manage. If you don't think you could write a report but could pass on enough notes or talk to either our Web editor (Colin Jones) or our club Press Officer (Ben Falconer) then it may be edited for you.

Contributors should be club members and the event/ride should involve at least a few of our regular members, or be about somewhere that would be of future interest to our members.

Your text will always be edited to remove anything considered offensive so it would help if when submitting text that you remember that our young children may also read/view this site.

Format: it would help the editor greatly if you could email plain text with paragraph breaks, unformatted for colour/bold/font etc. preferably saved as Text, but if you don't understand all that then a Microsoft Word document or whatever you find on a computer in front of you will do as it is better than nothing!

Photo formats: If you can attach an appropriate digital or scanned in photo with your text then feel free.  We will have to modify the size due to website capacity and it would help if you know how to reduce the size to no more than 700 pixels wide. (Never increase the size from original). if you send photos in then please try to keep individual emails to below 1 Megabyte, so you may need to split them up. (NB when we are near maximum capacity then we will remove full size photos and just leave the thumbnail image.  We will keep the fullsize version in archives for end of year CD's or for emailing on request.)