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Hafren Rally - 25th Oct 2009

Reports: Vess, Glenn. Pic: Anth Moore

There were 8 of our local heroes riding (did I miss anyone?) and now we've got results linked you can see for yourself how they did. Anth has never learnt how to blow a trumpet, and as I've had some practice, I'll do it for him. He rode to a brilliant 6th in the Trail class and our best member. The chasing pack of Mike Allen, Vess and Chris Haines must have been cheating with a rope tieing them together as their times were so close with just 11 seconds between them! Also Ian Beard had a good result at 21st in the beginners class.

Vess, ChrisH, MikeA and PeteN chilling at a checkVess Report

Full entry for this event. Good entry from West Glos. Most of us arrived early to avoid the expected queues for signing on, but the organisers were a bit slicker this year and had it sorted. Then it was just a case of waiting for the man in the burger van to sort out his gas bottles! Took him a while - we thought we may have to go without a bacon butty - shock - horror!

Can't say I was too pleased to find Mike, Anthony, Pete and Guy starting immediately behind me! It was the most I could do to stop Ant on the CCM 404 from passing on the tests!

The 45 mile course was brilliant. Loads of mixed going, climbs and descents, open moor and deep forest. The tests were long, flowing and challenging. There were even a couple of 'extra' optional Enduro bits for those who wanted that extra little challenge.

The weather was mostly good with the occasional short sharp shower, and a bit of wind to make the exposed bits interesting. The only problem was keeping goggles clean, although I can thoroughly recommend double-glazed lenses. This is the first time I've not had an issue with steamed up goggles.

Another product plug is for TUbliss tyre inserts to replace mousses and tubes (as advertised in TBM a couple of months ago). I ran a pair of these for the Hafren, and after the first lap forgot they were there. There was enough banging and crashing over rocks to satisfy me that they were up to the job. For me the bonus is that they shouldn't degrade so I can run at a pressure I want - although I do admit to carrying a bicycle pump with me just in case. I'm sure Paul at Dual Sport in Ledbury can do anyone a deal if you're interested.

Sorry, no vids - camera finally expired following it's close encounter with a tree at the Welsh.

Glenn's Notes

Sat' morning - finish putting KTM back together, fuel on, float bowl overflow leaking - oops! carb off, adjust float height, carb back on, fuel on, ah that's better. Quick ride round the green, still slight leak, it will do for now. Sunday morning arrives bright and early with Dave Pinney and Phil, who is marshalling. Me and Dave off at 9.45.

Off we go, took me half of lap to get going. 32 miles in engine goes quiet, check fuel tank, empty, well I was on it! Just enough on reserve to take short cut back to start, game over. Then got drenched walking round track. Dave lost his rag with bloke that overtook him in middle of big puddle - roll on next year!

(Not that I like tempting fate but I think the annual awards committee should pay particular attention to that report! please. ed.)