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Celebrating 65 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2018

The Park Farm Easy/Novice/Trail Bike Trial 16 June 2016

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Darren and Jase marked out for a wet event without allowing for a wet wet wet event, but it was quite rideable in fact. We did suffer a few showers during the evening but the ground was never going to dry up under the trees.

Well done to Dai on the hard route and the brave few novices that pushed themselves.

Alf proved those years of experience pay off, as always, riding the Standard route and the 3-way tie is resolved in my favour, of course. Tom and Merv skipped the last lap but still had a good workout.

The Conducted route was a wake-up call for the entrants. They haven't had much chance to practice their skills on really slippery ground and 3's were the order of the day, they did well to avoid the 5's. I'm guessing they slept well!

Many thanks to our hosts the Wyntours and all our helpers and the clear up team of 1 with a dodgy shoulder, still out there now!