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GSTC Wellhead Trial 2007

Report by Ian Beard

Ian Beard ventured to a neighbouring club's trial after sampling Trials on a Beta Alp the previous weekend at our Rockfield Trail Bike Trial. Here's his report.

Went to Gwent Schoolboy Trials Club's Wellhead Shirenewton trial on Sunday the 3rd June to try my luck on the scorpa now it has a new clutch that works.

Weather was good, nice and dry I thought, until I got to the trial - 11 sections (over four laps with three routes), 10 of which were set out in the wide stream that flowed though the valley.

First section was in the stream full of hidden rocks and roots and this was how it was to be for the next 10 sections. It did make me think why all the observers were wearing knee high wellingtons! I now know as you needed these to walk some sections as in places the depth was over standard trials boots height, so wet feet for the day. But then its better to have wet feet than be wet from head to toe - but some riders managed to do it. It is sad to say but it's sometimes a pleasure to see somebody else come of worse then yourself!! (Notice he didn't say if he also fell in. ed.)

All that said, it was a well set out trial and thanks to all who were involved in making it possible on the day.