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Mid-West Hare & Hounds Oct 2008

Report from Steve Biddle

I went down to the Midwest club's Whitley H&H near Melksham for the October round 7. The report is up late because the results were all on transponder and were all lost, then the results came up wrong, but all sorted now. James and I raced here last year and the course as a lot of man made sections, really good.

The weather this year was absolutely terrible. They had man made ditches in the middle of the field, lamp posts laid down on the ground and some of them on offset angles and the best bit was the lorry trailer you had to ride up and then across it and jump off the other side and also some rock piles chucked in as well (you can see some photos on www.mwmcc.co.uk) this all made for a really hard good event, one of the hardest James and I have done all year.

James had to retire half into the race because his bike lost some water and started to boil. I also lost some water but topped it up and carried on. I kept my position really the whole race which was 4th in expert. At one time I was battling Darren Wheeler the sponsored rider, on his new Husaberg 450 with the 70 degrees engine thing which was smoking quite heavily on his first race. I managed to do all the 3 hrs but I suffered quite bad at the end with dehydration and just really knackered. James had to drive home cause I also smashed my bad wrist again on one of the wooden posts

I seen Guy Mansfield-Smith and he won his race in the vets to secure his championship win, well done to him. I was two laps up on Guy I think and I took a 4th and am 9th in the champs with two rounds missed and one to go on the 30th this month.

Midwest put on another good event, just a pity about the cock-up with the results. Me and James are off to the Ceri Enduro next to do the 4hr Ironman and Wayne is doing the pits for us. I won here last year in the Clubman so see how I do in the experts this year. Hope to see some others up there. They are also doing 2 man teams.