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Red Kite Enduro 24Apr2011 - WTRA

Reports by: Anth Moore

Vess, Mark Adams, Steve Price, Pete, and myself headed into sunny Wales for the Red Kite Enduro on Sunday. It was hot and dusty, but enough wet stuff in the water splashes to drown your bike (as I nearly did and SteveP definitely did).

Much of the going was fast but interesting, but there were plenty of tracks with ruts going in all directions to keep you on your toes! Pete and myself were on the same minute and several battles kicked off as the day went on (Pete said there was plenty of red mist as well as dust).

The times were slack enough for us to stay clean, with several minutes for refuelling etc., so the results were based on the Special Tests which for us were all timed except for the first sighting lap.

After 2 laps I spotted Steve just beyond the first big water splash with a drowned bike. I stopped to check he was ok at which point Pete came screaming past, so I had to get going again and quick!

At the end of this lap I saw Mark chilling out under the trees next to the refuelling area. He said he was ok and after a break, intended to go out for another lap. By this time Vess was close to our minute so we were able to keep in touch. He looked as warm as I felt.

Just before 2.30 I handed my timecard in at the final check and was relieved to stay upright all day as the landing would have been hard!

As usual, the event was well organised, and an excellent day out. Well recommended!

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