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Midwest H&H 14th October 2007

Words by Steve Biddle

I went off to Midwest's Hewitt Championship round 7, the only rider from West Glos. When I got there I recognised the farm straight away, it was Mike Eavis' farm were they hold the Glastonbury festival, its bloody massive! The parc ferme was about 100 yrds from the famous pyramid stage, and all concrete as well, real good venue.

Apparently, they hired the land from Lord Hilton who also rents out some land to Eavis for the festival. I think Lord Hilton said to Eavis "the bikes don't make as much mess as you do!" Apparently they had to re-turf two 10 acre fields after the gig.

Anyway, the race went ahead, the course was all new. It was about 4 miles in length, some fields and a lot of woods, some real offset cambers and steep downhills.

I started the midwest championship at the beginning of the season riding as Clubman so that's were I had to race, I managed to come 4th on 20 laps. I'm currently running 8th overall in the championship but I've only done 4 out of 8 races, the last round next month is in Melksham and they say that they are putting in some man made obstacles on the course and have a lot of woods there too, its going to a real corker, cant wait. If anybody else from our club is interested in doing round 9, myself, James, Darren and Wayne are all going down. If you need any info or regs the website is www.mwmcc.co.uk or contact me I've got regs (steven@bidem.wanadoo.co.uk)