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Colstey Hare & Hounds Enduro Jan 2008

Report from Steve Biddle and Ian Vessey

Steve's report

I've just rode (And Won the Clubman Class! ed.) the Colstey Enduro on Sunday with a 125 entry. The weather was good to us for a change. The course was much the same as previous years apart from one down hill by the start area.

I met up with Vess and we got there early so had good parking and close to the pits. I was nursing a bad shoulder which I hurt whilst trail riding at night the previous Saturday (which I must add was brilliant, everybody should try it, but you do need good lights!).

4 of my mates from Coleford came up and entered as well. 2 of them have done a few H&Hs a couple of years ago and the other two it was their first time, Tim Davies, Richard Gunter, Craig Jones, Gary Standing. I didn't see their names on results so they must have dnf'd but they said they enjoyed it and were going to do more.

The start was at 10 for 3hrs on a 9 mile course which was mostly in trees with not much of a break at all, quite hard going really. The last two I rode were 4hrs long but easier going, and with christmas break it came quite hard. Me and Vess were in Clubman class and the others were in Sportsman. My bike was misfiring for the first lap from a frozen choke lever which I managed to free up. I did see the other lads out on the track and they seemed to be going okay. Vess said he saw me but I couldn't remember seeing him (It's not your eyesight Steve, isn't everything a blur at that speed? ed.)

I could remember seeing 7 bikes in front of me on the start and did pick quite a few off on first lap so i knew i was nearly up the front. I made 2 pit stops for fuel and thought I lost a few places, but obviously didn't. I managed 10 laps and came in 1st position with 2 mins between me and 2nd place. Vess managed 8 laps and came in 27th and said he was pleased with that and enjoyed it, so good day all round and good start to season.

Vess Report

Arrived very early in the dark and met up with Mr. Biddle and his associates, ensuring a good parking spot at the top of the track, and plenty of time for signing on, bacon butties etc.

The course was much as it was last time I rode it 2 years ago, a bit whooped out but not to bad at all. The only difference was a horribly steep slippery drop about 80 feet down through trees near the start area. Most people went down it OK, although I must confess to doing it every lap with a dead engine using the clutch as a brake. Near the end, when I was getting a bit knackered, Mr. Biddle rode past me down here like it was a normal flat bit of track, no fear that boy!

Colstey is a good little event set in open woodland (with a few firs) which is easily big enough to accommodate 120 riders including the dozen or so quads and same number of sidecars, i.e. plenty of overtaking room, no muddy slots. It's set on a small hill so there's good variation in the terrain. The only bad thing about it is that there is absolutely no rest anywhere, there's whoops, roots, slippery climbs and descents, and very slippery stone tracks, which make fuel stops the only time to catch your breath. Especially when your an old fart like me who hasn't ridden since Weston (which is a piece of cake in comparison).

By the end my legs had turned to jelly, so I wasn't sorry to finish. Luckily my mum only lives about 10 miles from Colstey, so I dropped in afterwards for a cuppa and a few cheese scones!

I managed 8 laps which is what I've done in past attempts, so I'm consistent at least!!

Well done to Steve for his Clubman Premier place on 10 laps.

Thanks to MWTRA for another cracking event, and also for getting the results out so quick (in my postbox on Thursday morning).