West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 67 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2020

Ceri Hare & Hounds Enduro Nov 2006

Report from Steve Biddle

(Steve managed 8th Clubman on Gold. Phil 10th Expert on Silver. ed.)

I looked like the sole club representative at the MWTRA Colstey Enduro on Sunday 7th at Clun Forest. Went up nice and early, parked close to pits and met Phil Gardner (If the Western centre actually had a Championship he would be the Centre Champ for 2006! ed.) and had a quick chat, he'd bought a new KTM 125 but was using his old one.

The event was a 3hr multi lap h&h and was 6 mile long. They had a lot of rain through the week and it was still raining on the morning.

I was parked next to Steve Ireland (WOC) and his crew with all the new Gas Gases, and nice they are too. I also saw Tom Sagar on his new KTM450, on which I think he will be riding this year for D3 Racing.

I entered the clubman and Phil was in the expert Class. The start was at 10:30 so I went down with others at 10:.15 for warm up before our le-mans start and my bloodly bike blew a plug, so pushed it back to pits and changed the plug as qiuck as I could but I missed the start and started about 6mins late. I was gutted! (I also started late at the ceri) Never mind, I started with the end of the sportsman and made up some good ground to get past all the sportsman in the first lap, then on lap 2 I crashed into a sidecar that I was overtaking and we both took quite a bad fall. I smashed the air filter cover right off, and hurt my ankle. I thought it was broke at first but it was ok, two marshals helped us back to our feet and got us on our way.

The event was managed really well, fair play, they had a slow down area on one of the fire roads where bikes passed oncoming riders, one rider overtook me here and got disqualifed. You can see on the results, expert rider lost 11 laps, never saw phil 'til the end and he said he'd had a good ride but I know he was nursing a bad ankle so was taking it pretty steady.

It was nice to do a h&h in the woods and not around the edge of the fields, it was more like a mini time card event. The going was quite muddy and rooty but there was quite a bit of grip. I rode my KX250 so it was a bit of an handful in the woods but brillant fun. MWTRA organised a good event as usual, well done. The results and their 2007 events are on www.mwtra.co.uk

Phil did 10 laps and I did 9 (I think), Tom Sagar won on 12 laps, I think he's going places that boy!