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Bwlchciliau Hare & Hounds Enduro Nov 2007

Report from Steve Biddle

I did the last round of the Builth Wells Motor Club Hare & Hound Series at Bwlchciliau Forest near Beulah. I went up on my own but Phil Gardner was there with his mate Ian Tindle who he was spannering for, he wasn't riding because his wife just gave birth.

The weather was good but I'd heard the course was very technical, it was 3 hrs long and all in the woods. I was using my KX and rode in the Clubman class.

Me and 4 others put are bikes on the front line because we got there first, but when we got to the start at 10 0'Clock 4 other riders had put their bikes in front of ours and moved the clubmen sign up alongside there bikes. They obviously thought they were quicker than us, the other riders did have words with them but kept it for the track.

I had some real disasters on the first lap, came off three times, got gloves covered in mud and could not hold onto bike, I think I lost about 4 mins. I nearly gave up but got into pits changed gloves and goggles and straight out, I really pulled out the stops from there on, I passed everbody who passed me on lap 1 and even got passed the riders who jumped the line. The course was tough but I loved every bit of it. Phil was out on the course directing me and he said I was going really well after my few problems, stopped for fuel just the once.

Towards the last few laps I found that I had no grip at all but did not stop to find out what the problem was. I knew the end was near and came up to the check at 1.59, went passed a few who were waiting for timeout and thought "yes I can get another lap here" but the marshal stopped me and said thats it, I was gutted, if I hadn't lost those minutes I would have had another, I finished with 8 laps and came 7th overall. I later found out why I had no grip, there was no knobbles left on the tyre whatsoever, it was just smooth all the way round, so much for Michelin S12.

I've just checked the final standings for all 3 rounds and I came 3rd overall and I only did 2 rounds. Also checked the Welsh championship and I'm running 20th overall and I've done 2 rounds out of 7 with 1 to go. I am really pleased with that, but will try harder next year, I am moving up to Expert next year and doing British Championship with a bit of luck and a load of other stuff.