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Fast Eddy XC Championship Rnd5 Hare & Hounds June 2007

Report from Steve Biddle

What do you do if you don't get a ride in the Welsh? Well you ride on the weekend after anyway. Steve was our representative at the Fast Eddy Hare & Hounds.

After missing out on the Welsh again I decided to go and do round 5 of the Putoline Fast Eddy at Abbeycwmhir.

The Fast Eddy team and various others came straight from the Welsh to here, including Eddy, Sager, Voase and Jones.

Training day and kiddies day was Saturday, Clubman race on Sunday morning and Super Clubman and Pro in the afternoon. I got there nice and early, got signed in and got the transponder fitted on. I had to buy a proper bracket for fiver, but you get to keep it all season. Start was at 10 through to 12 and Pro 1 to 3.

I was talking to Phil Gardner at the Mercian and he told me he's done a few Fast Eddys and said that there seems to be some quicker riders at them compared to cotswold and midwest H&H's. I found this out on the start, I think there was about 40 of us on the line and I was 20th off the line and had a good start. I got round the first bend onto a long straight in top gear flat out - got side-swiped straight into ropes, I didn't get up for a while so it must have been quite bad! The Sportsman went by and Vets and Novice's, so I had my work cut out. My bars were bent round on the clamps - tried to bend back but no chance - carried on riding best I could but knew I wasn't going to do any good, fueled up tried bars once again but no good, so went out for last half hour. I still enjoyed it very much and learnt a bit too.

The track was very motocrossey and very fast, had another bad crash on last lap but did go on to finish. I stayed on and watched the Pro's after, they put a tecnical bit in for them over some trees and some stuff up in the woods and it looked very good, I might enter Super Clubman next time and do the tecnical course.

The next Eddy is Culum, in Oxon. My next race is a Midwest at Chavenge Farm.