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ACU British Enduro Championships 2008

Muntjac Enduro - Rnd 1 - 24th Feb

Words By Steve Biddle

I set off to Thetford Forest for round 1 of the British Enduro Championship with my girlfriend, who was doing the pits for me. We drove my new van over to Brandon village next to the Thetford Forest on Saturday so only an overnight B&B. You could sign on, get your times and walk the test all on the Saturday from 2 to 4:30.

The test was very open, fast, flat and very sandy and soft, which I wasn't happy about because I am used to Welsh tests which are always quite hard and technical. I got checked into B&B had some food and got some sleep in. Got up at 6 and got to the venue at 7, scrutineered and got some energy drinks and food in the body. Checked the timecard and pits ready to go at 9:34. I had 4 laps to do, tests on laps 1 and 2 at 21 miles per lap. Laps 3 and 4 missed out the test completely so they were 19miles only.

The check times seemed quite slack at 75, 70, 45, 40 - soon found out different, the going was very tight in the woods and no let up whatsoever. The test was very motocross'ey which did not suite me at all. My first test time was 364 seconds and second was 365, so not too bad.

I came into the pits off the first lap with 15 mins to spare and 20 mins spare on lap 2. They tightened times right up on laps 3 & 4 so I had to pick up pace a bit and I knew if I did it would help my test times. I came in 1 min late on lap 3 so I was okay. Pushed hard on lap 4 but had one nasty off and bent knuckle fender into lever and lost about 4 mins, On lap 4 I was 6 mins late so 7 mins late overall ,with lap allowance takes it down to 5 mins so 300 penalty which did help my test a bit, I came in at 31st place. (Yes, but that is in Clubman overall but 17th in E2 Club, which is only 2 places out of the points. ed.)

The difference riding in the British Championship to doing a club Enduro or hare and hound is so different the rider ability is so much higher.

I will try and do better at next 4 rounds, hopefully the tests will suit me better. I enjoyed the event which was run very well by the Diss club. Can't wait for the next round.