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Destination: Last MotoGP of 2004 at Valencia

Words and Photos By Ian Vessey

Myself, Glen and Suzi left Bristol Airport on Thursday, arrived an hour and a half later in Barcelona, picked up the hire car and drove down to Valencia to the Hotel.
The hotel was actually in an industrial park next to the Ford factory at Almussafes - nice view!

On Friday we had a drive around the area to get our bearings. We had a plan to get to the circuit using trains to avoid traffic, but the journey would have required at least one change and after adding Sunday timetables to the equation (apart from it all being in Spanish!) we decided to use the car. We then headed out to the Circuit, using a scenic route to take in some decent views of Valencia and the surrounding area. 

At the circuit, we bought our tickets and wandered around to find a good vantage point. Tickets were 30 Euros for the three days, programs were 6 Euros and t-shirts were 10 Euros. Bit cheaper than Donnington? We didn't bother with the extra expense of going in the stands as there is a good view from an overlooking hill which has the advantage of a view of almost the whole circuit, and a 'big screen'.

On Saturday the circuit was much busier for the final practice and qualifying. We left well after the MotoGP qualifying finished and still spent a couple of hours getting out.

On Sunday morning we we a bit early for breakfast - the clocks changed overnight! It did mean that we got to the circuit in good time which meant that we didn't have to queue much to get in, and we got a good spot to view from.

We basked in the sun and watched an entertaining days racing. (If you want a report on the racing - read the papers!) You expect the normal noisy spectators with air horns. How about people with chainsaws? Chainsaws with the blades removed, but with custom paint jobs, or handlebars attached? 
After the last race, we headed off to the car park were we spent at least half an hour looking for a silver Seat amongst several thousand other silver Seats, before joining another queue to get off the circuit, just before the rain started.

It was a leisurely start on Monday, followed by an uneventful drive back up the coast to Barcelona. There we had a walk around for a while and sussed out a nice comfy hotel. We then had another stroll down 'The Rambler' to the port, followed by a meal, before retiring to the 'Hard Rock Cafe' for the evening.

On Tuesday morning we checked out, then became proper tourists and had a couple of hours exploring the 'Sagrada Familia'. Then we had to come back home. The circuit at Valencia was very good, well organised, plenty of facilities. It has good access being next to a motorway and rail station. We certainly would have gone by rail if we had been staying in the city. The track is compact with good visibility from the stands and the 'hill' we were on. On the 'hill' plastic garden chairs were available to hire for 2 Euros.

As of this week, Easyjet are running a service to Valencia which would have been very useful last week! Also, we had 20 degrees and blue sky, which is definitely a bonus in November!