West Glos & Dean Forest
Motor Cycle Club

Celebrating 65 Years of Motor Cycling 1953 - 2018

GDPR - Data use by West Glos

Words By Admin

Yes we know you are all waiting desperately to hear what is new.

Actually we haven't needed to change much. You will be getting an email if the last one you gave us is current but we are just a bit behind.

We don't save much other than your contact details. This gets updated when you rejoin the club or enter one of our events. We don't share data with anyone else other than ACU HQ who you agree to share info with when you fill in entry forms anyway. We will happily remove your contact information where it is not required for accident or insurance purposes on request. You will not get any prompts for renewal or any notice of entries being available.

Our policy should appear here in the next few days.

All request for change etc. should go to either admin@wgdfmcc.org.uk or secretary@wgdfmcc.org.uk